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Lead Tracking

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Ready to take the guesswork out of lead management? With our newest website lead tracking platform for your business, you’ll be able to accurately identify lead sources—whether it’s from paid ads, organic or referral traffic, or right from your website. Get to know your customers more, make even better decisions, and boost your sales.

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Lead Tracking Features


Phone Calls

Stay on top of incoming calls from inquiring customers, plus see call duration, phone number, and often, an associated email address.



Collect and conveniently store all form fills that happen on your website for tracking, scoring and follow-up notes.


Live Chats

Track leads that interact with your website in real-time chat, a service that is done for you by our team of knowledgeable and reliable professionals.

Why Us

Data-Driven and Results-Oriented

At WISE, being able to set measurable goals and tracking progress is key to our process. Here are more reasons business owners love working with us.

Free Digital Audit

We identify areas of opportunity in your current lead tracking systems and sales processes.

Strategy First

Vague goals won’t bring in the results. We start with strategy and clarify goals and process for success you can measure.

Real-Time Data

Our dashboard reports your lead history real-time in a robust, yet simple solution that is teachable to anyone on your team.

Sales Attribution

Lead scoring helps track sales data. If used properly, it provides a crystal clear picture into your total return on marketing spend.

Tracking What Matters

We track every key metric that impacts your digital marketing strategy, including insights into how traffic may be finding you.

All-in-One Solution

Find all of your lead information in one place and always have access to a marketing specialist for continued support.

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With lead tracking, get a better view of how digital strategy is impacting your ROI. Tell us about your business and we’ll connect with you for a consultation.

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