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A WISE Strategy Gets Maximum ROI for Colorado Law Firm


by Patrick Dillon / Digital Strategy

November 6, 2023

  • 6 min read

From completely frustrated that their digital marketing wasn’t producing results to skyrocketing leads and conversions that added millions of dollars to their annual revenue – that’s the power of a WISE Digital marketing strategy.

For Colorado law firm Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. (JBP), the switch to WISE was a huge win across the board. Here’s how we helped them grow exponentially and earn maximum ROI in just the first year of working with them and how we plan to keep the momentum going.

Why Having the Right Digital Marketing Partner Matters

In a fiercely competitive legal landscape, JBP stands tall as a law firm with a remarkable legacy of excellence. Founded in 1989, JBP is well known for its top-notch attorneys, client-centric values, and diverse specializations, making it one of the region’s leading full-service law firms.

But in 2021, despite having an award-winning team, three decades of experience, and a successful track record, JBP struggled to generate and convert leads. Unfortunately, the firm’s previous agency partner didn’t have the data to explain why.

Frustrated by that point, JBP switched to WISE Digital Partners, ready to tap into our expertise. And we hit the ground running.

Within just five months of launching a new website on our powerful NEST™ platform and implementing an omnichannel strategy, we delivered an impressive suite of results with an aggressive retooling of paid media and a sharp focus on other areas that needed improvement. 

From January 2022 through May 2022, we completely turned the ship around. One of the major upticks was in the all-important ad conversion rates, which quickly jumped from a low of 6 percent to an impressive 20 percent.

Key metrics soared in other areas during those first five months: click-through rates went up 23%, advertising costs were reduced by 19%, and the cost-per-lead went down by 38%.

Beyond that initial push, we saw more incredible numbers.

Throughout 2022, JBP saw a considerable increase in leads, capturing a whopping 8,860, with $13.38 million in revenue attributed back to those leads.

The total marketing ROI in 2022 was 19.6X (1,960%)!

We also helped JBP remove ten 1-star Google reviews, raising them from a 3.6-star average rating to a 4.5 to 4.7-star rating across four office locations.

How did we build such massive success for JBP Legal? Read on to learn how we transformed their digital marketing for the better.

#1 We Implemented a Winning Paid Media Strategy

To boost the firm’s visibility further, we knew they needed a robust, efficient, cost-effective paid media strategy.

The first problem we encountered was the reporting documents from the previous agency. With any new client, there is a transition period where information is exchanged and reports are shared. The reporting we received from the prior agency was shallow and siloed to a handful of practice areas, not allowing us to see the big picture.

We learned that while this was an inconvenience, it worked better for us in the long run because questionable data didn’t influence us. We could develop our own strategy based on our own analysis.

Defining the goals and objectives for the paid search campaigns played a critical role in their construction. We developed a strategy around geographical and metro-area relevance for the firm’s practice areas. Our team:

  • Created location-specific landing pages and accompanying ads targeting the northern Colorado areas of Denver, Broomfield, Longmont, and Loveland.
  • Tweaked keywords and ad groups for each region and made lists of negative keywords to prevent unwanted clicks and keep our ads targeted toward the right people.
  • Created custom UTM/URL strings, which helped us track campaign effectiveness and see where traffic was coming from.

And we didn’t stop there. We kept refining our strategies by adjusting search terms, updating negative keywords, managing budgets, and fine-tuning bid strategies.

Our ad build included two networks/platforms, 50 campaigns, 260 ad groups, and over 10,000 keywords! All these efforts helped maximize the firm’s relevance and attract the perfect prospects for their business.

#2 We Fixed Broken URLs & Meta Descriptions

Although the JBP website had sound architecture, we immediately uncovered two glaring trouble spots.

  1. URLs were too long, lacked proper keywords, or did not reflect the landing page content. These issues hurt the website’s hierarchy, made the browsing experience clunky, and affected search engine ranking.
  2. Meta descriptions were either missing altogether, irrelevant to the content, or too short, which resulted in reduced click-through rates and missed opportunities to engage visitors.

We quickly addressed these two core issues to clear up the inconsistencies, follow best practices, and improve the state of this important metadata that impacts SEO rankings.

URLs, for example, are more than just a link for someone to click on. They give search engines (and humans, for that matter) an indication of what the page is about. They are also one of the many factors that impact ranking.

A meta description tells Google and other search engines what a web page is about. If you get it wrong or leave it blank, Google has difficulty directing the right people to your web page.

#3 We Gave Users a Better Browser Experience

We discovered that JBP’s website’s mobile optimization was only 11% (out of 100), and loading times averaged 2.8 seconds on mobile and desktop devices, hindering user experience. It also failed Google’s Core Web Vitals tests.

We live in a fast-paced world, and if your business has a slow-loading website, you could lose potential clients who get frustrated waiting and will go elsewhere. Website load times should be less than 2 seconds.

Fortunately for JBP, partnering with WISE Digital meant a new website powered by NEST, our superior and proprietary website platform. High performance and lightning-fast speeds are the hallmarks of NEST™, which also comes with more security, ADA compliance, lead tracking, listings management, robust reporting, and more.

The result was a much better browsing experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The new website passes Core Web Vitals and performs much better across all devices.

#4 We Increased the Firm’s Visibility

Before partnering with WISE, the firm’s website had inaccurate directory listings, meaning location and contact information were missing or simply inconsistent information across directories or listing platforms.

This oversight translated to low visibility, reducing organic traffic from local searches and hindering SEO efforts.

Our experts audited all online directories and listing platforms where JBP was listed, identified inconsistencies, and updated information where necessary. The firm can now easily be found online in all relevant directories.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Within the first year of launching a new NEST™ website for JBP, the WISE team completely transformed the firm’s online presence:

  • 8,860 leads resulting in $13.38 million in revenue
  • $100,000 saved in ad spending
  • 1,960% total marketing ROI (almost a 20X return on investment)
  • Google reviews rating jumped an entire point to 4.5 to 4.7 stars for all four locations

Conversion and click-through rates also soared, ad spending went down, and the cost per lead dropped significantly.

The law firm went from seeing very little results with the prior agency they were working with to having more calls than they could handle once WISE Digital entered the picture. We did that by:

  • Recognizing the untapped potential in JBP’s local visibility and search engine ranking and crafting an SEO and paid media strategy to move the needle in the right direction.
  • Addressing core problems with metadata to improve search engine performance and ranking.
  • Ensuring people who visited JBP’s website had a great user experience and wouldn’t get frustrated and seek out a competitor.

Today, we continue to consistently work on analysis and strategy to make further improvements so the firm continues to see growth. And JBP couldn’t be happier.

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