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Ascent Roofing

How WISE boosted leads, increased conversions, and doubled Ascent’s annual revenue projections.

ascent roofing

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Ascent Is a Great Company. We Just Had to Get the World to Notice.

Ascent Roofing is a family-owned and operated San Diego company known for industry-leading work, competitive warranties, and excellent customer service.This roofing contractor came to us in 2022 because the company’s website traffic and lead conversion rates had flatlined despite maintaining a five-star customer rating. They dropped their marketing agency and switched to WISE Digital Partners.
The result? After a new website, digital marketing strategy, and a full year of partnership with WISE, Ascent projected its annual revenue would double.

“We are so pleased with Patrick and his team. They are the most professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy I found of the many companies I called.”

Carlos Alfaro

Owner, Ascent Roofing

Measuring Success


Increased Website Traffic by 208%

When Ascent Roofing came to us, they had a Domain Authority of just 4 out of 100, zero rankings for any term on Google, no SEO strategy to change that, an outdated website, and a 100 percent error rate in online directories.

Their website was also not ADA-compliant, exposing them to costly lawsuits, and failed to meet Google’s Core Web Vitals, which measures loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability to indicate whether a website has a great user experience.

Despite these setbacks, Ascent Roofing still had incredible online reviews, a well-trained team, and some of the industry’s most competitive service and warranty packages.

The business was great, but to get the world to notice, the company needed a new website, robust SEO and Google Ads strategy, optimized listings, and an infusion of new ideas, such as testing Yelp ads, which ended up being the lowest cost leads of 5 different strategies after SEO leads.

WISE struck hard, starting with a plan to build a new website on our proprietary NEST™ platform and craft a strategy for SEO, ads, and listings. When all was said and done, we successfully increased Ascent Roofing’s website traffic by 208%.


Increased Google Ad Conversion by 91%

Ascent came on board with WISE in May 2022. We began working on a better Google Ads program immediately while at the same time building a new website to improve conversions even further, drive organic traffic, and help them gain more profitable leads.

If we look at the average number of leads before WISE (Jan to April 2022), Ascent received an average of 62.75 monthly leads. We quickly got that number up to 83 leads per month out of the gate and then up to an average of 101 monthly leads once we launched Ascent's new website.

Within the first year, with a better-targeted paid media strategy to boost lead generation (and keeping in mind the client's budget requirements), WISE successfully increased Ascent’s conversions from Google Ads by 85.87%.

Today, Ascent has secured a prominent position in Google searches. WISE delivered and continues to maintain an increase in ad conversion of 91.29% from the year prior.


Increased Overall Conversions by 54%

Within only six months of adopting new SEO, Directory Listings, and Google Business Profile strategies from WISE Digital, Ascent received 784 conversions from their new website, an increase of 69.69%. The company saw an increase in conversions through all channels of 54.13%.


Generated 1,025% More Leads on Yelp

In June of 2023, we started running Yelp ads to see how the ROI compared to PPC, and we saw substantial success immediately. In just 30 days, the total leads coming from Yelp increased by 1,025%.


Boosted Keywords to Top 10 Position on Google

Our keyword ranking strategy improved rankings for over 184 keywords across seven markets, pushing them to the top 10 positions on Google Page 1.


Generated 62K+ Impressions from Google Business Profile

Within just six months after optimizing the roofing company’s Google Business Profile and launching its new website, Ascent received over 62,000 impressions and 255 clicks directly from the profile.

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