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Brand Identity

Brand Identity Services

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

Steve Forbes, Forbes Media Editor-in-Chief


Define Your Brand to Drive Your Growth

A compelling, cohesive brand identity does more than leave a lasting impression—it builds trust, evokes emotion, and conveys the essence of your business. Ready to stand out from your competition and establish a solid foundation for all future marketing efforts? Request a complimentary brand identity audit today.

Brand Identity Process

The brand identity process is a meticulous, collaborative one.

Showcasing WISE client RenewPro Restoration as an example, here are the steps we take to bring a brand to life.

The Art of Naming


The Art of Naming

WISE Founder and CEO Patrick Dillon has helped more than 200 companies create the perfect business name—and he’s the one who will help create yours.

RenewProbrand identity design

After an in-depth conversation with the client and a comprehensive review of business goals, target audience, and competitors, Patrick leveraged AI technology to jumpstart his creative process. After selecting a few ideas that resonated with him, Patrick ran dozens of searches on word combinations to get a feel for available domains. From there, he honed in on primary and secondary words that reflected this company’s essence, refining his initial list of options.

Before connecting with this client to present recommendations, Patrick:

  • Reviewed available social handles
  • Performed a United States Patent and Trademark Office search
  • Uncovered other potential concerns or issues

For others, the naming process alone can take months. For Patrick, who has this down to an exact science, creating the RenewPro Restoration name took less than a week.

The Art of Naming


Crafting Your Signature Look

Once the name has been decided, it’s time for our brand identity design team to work their magic. After absorbing any insights from the collective team, they conduct their own research, both about the client and the particular industry.


Patrick connected with the design team to share his insights. To stand out in the crowded mold, water, and fire damage restoration space, he recommended staying away from yellow hues, which were already saturating the market.

Instead, the team should focus on other primary colors, choosing a different one for each of this client's three main services.

Knowing the client’s name should be capitalized and “RenewPro” presented as a single word, the design team had a clear starting point. Armed with that information and competitor research, the lead designer began sketching.

Identifying the most compelling sketches, it was time to digitize and refine the top choices. A conversation about logotype and logomark also took place.


A logotype is a symbol comprised of text (usually the business name) and an image.


A logomark is typically a singular visual element that represents a characteristic of the business, helping audiences quickly identify the company.

The design team also evaluated:

  • Color palettes
  • Fonts & iconography
  • Photography style
  • Sizing and context
  • Reverse image searches
  • Different use cases, including merchandise, company vehicles, and social media

Ensuring options were unique, versatile, and compelling. The lead designer presented two logo options for this client, each with a few variations. After discussions and feedback, the selected logo was refined and presented with additional contextual mockups.

After final revisions, the RenewPro Restoration logo was complete. The result is a clean, modern, and minimalist with an intentional use of color.

Brand Guidelines Images


Your Ethos

Branding encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Here at WISE, our brand development services go beyond a name and a logo; they can include search engine optimization strategies, paid media components, website development, and content marketing.

WISE creates the brand foundation that a company can build upon. We don’t craft deliverables like letterheads and business cards; instead, we establish brand guidelines that others can then use to create those assets.

Here are just a few of the questions we’ll answer during the branding stage:

  • What’s the brand voice and personality?
  • How is this brand translated into profile or header images?
  • Are there watermarks or favicons?
  • Will logo elements be incorporated into other areas of the website?
  • Are there cultural considerations?
  • What kinds of textures, fonts & imagery best support the brand?


As RenewPro required comprehensive branding and marketing services, we developed a comprehensive strategy. We established both design and copy guidelines, implemented a data-driven SEO strategy that helped this new brand gain traction, and developed a responsive website.

Assets Step


Your Assets

An incredible amount of work goes into creating a brand identity. What are the specific assets you’ll have at the end of this process? While it depends on your needs and scope of work, most clients receive the following:

  • Logo + mark if applicable
  • Visual identity card
  • High-level copy style guide
  • Comprehensive digital marketing strategy
  • A website that adheres to the newly established brand guidelines


Visual Identity Card

Copy Style Guide


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