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AMG Props

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When Referrals Weren’t Enough, They Turned to WISE

AMG Props is a full-service property management firm in San Diego, California. Founded in 2011 by President/Owner Amanda Gresiak, the company partners with rental property owners to handle everything from advertising to leasing, rent collection, maintenance, and more.

Amanda has an extensive real estate and property management background, plus close connections in the business, and has been growing AMG Props mainly through referrals.

While that approach has helped her build clients and grow her business, a solid digital marketing platform and strategy was lacking when she approached WISE Digital in 2021.

Measuring Success


Increased Website Clicks by 3,368%

WISE helped AMG Props get more website clicks (a LOT more) by putting a comprehensive strategy in place to elevate the company’s online presence.

Amanda enlisted the help of WISE Digital Partners because she wanted to attract more real estate investors to her business and achieve at least 15% growth within a year. The problem with reaching that goal was that her efforts were stalled due to an outdated website.

While the AMG Props website did serve as a place where tenants could pay their rent, it wasn’t necessarily appealing for real estate owners/investors looking for professional property management services in the San Diego area. And the website’s appearance wasn’t the only problem—it was deficient in many other ways:

  • The website’s domain authority was at just 16 (on a scale of 1 to 100).
  • The URL structure, meta titles, and meta descriptions were incorrect.
  • Desktop and mobile loading times were slow.
  • Organic rankings for top keywords in the industry (such as property managers san diego) were very low.
  • The website was stale. No fresh content was being published regularly (the most recent blog was published two years prior).

All of that was having a negative impact on AMG Props’ SEO, and it was clear that a new digital strategy was in order.

The WISE team of digital marketing experts pulled out all the stops to help Amanda up her game. We outlined growth strategies and implemented many of them out of the gate, then set AMG Props on a path for monthly management to ensure the momentum continued.

A Brand New Website

In December 2021, we launched a newly designed website for AMG Props on our high-performing NEST™ platform to give the company a professional look, eliminate the site structure issues, and create a better user experience.

Baked-In SEO

Our award-winning SEO team put an SEO strategy in place to drive organic search traffic for AMG Props—because more search visibility leads to more website traffic, and more traffic leads to more business.

Fresh Content

Our award-winning SEO team put in new content each month as soon as the new website launched to give it an added SEO boost and drive more traffic.

Listings Management

We increased AMG Props’ online visibility with listings management to ensure the company was discovered on online maps, apps, directories, social networks, and search engines.

Lead Tracking

We implemented lead tracking for AMG Props so they could track their lead sources for those all-important touchpoints with potential clients.


Increased Website Impressions by +3,644%

We also drove traffic to AMG Props’ website by hyper-focusing on:

Keyword Rankings

When AMG Props first came to WISE Digital, their search rankings in San Diego County were about what you would expect for a company built on referrals with minimal digital marketing effort.

At that time, AMG Props had just six keywords appearing on Google’s page 1 and 14 other keywords appearing on Google’s page 3 and lower. After just over a year with WISE Digital, those numbers improved significantly. As of November 1, 2022:

  • 11 keywords appear on Page 1 of Google—5 are in the top 3!
  • 9 keywords appear on Page 2 of Google
  • 13 additional keywords are continually progressing in the rankings

Plus, AMG Props was ranking extremely well for the strongest keywords in their industry. For example, we boosted their ranking for the keyword full service property management from #34 to #1 and from no ranking at all to #1 for the keyword full service property management company. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Organic Website Traffic

AMG Props had practically no organic traffic before WISE Digital stepped in. Here’s a snapshot of the growth after we redesigned their website and launched it on our NEST™ platform.


There’s a saying that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and the fresh blog content we published monthly for AMG Props helped increase their overall traffic.


Gained 40 New Leads Per Month

Traffic brings leads, and for AMG Props, they went from almost zero internet leads per month to about 40 after the new website launched. Here’s a snapshot:

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