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Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

From mismanaged with no results to back on track and exceptional performance.

Stephens Plumbing

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Stephens Trusted Our Expertise; We Delivered

Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been a reputable provider in the HVAC industry. But they weren’t seeing the growth you’d expect from a service-based business that’s been trusted for nearly 40 years. The main problem? Their previous digital marketing agency had created a general strategy that lacked focus and didn't support Stephens’ specific business goals.

So in 2021, this family-owned business left their agency and got WISE. Together, we identified their main objectives: increase online visibility, generate more leads, and take full advantage of pay-per-click advertising, including Yelp. Using data from June of 2021 to December of 2023, here’s how WISE helped them achieve all that and more.


“Working with WISE Digital Partners has been a great experience since day one…it's a breath of fresh air to be dealing with a marketing/advertising company that is so professional and transparent. If you are looking for a company you can trust, choose WISE Digital Partners.”

Ryan Stephens

Owner, Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

Measuring Success


Secured Nearly 5MM Ad Impressions

Our team of paid media experts wasted no time. Setting our sights on the platforms that would most benefit a local, service-based business, we launched several ad programs.

By fine-tuning targeting parameters to align with the ideal Stephens client, we effectively reached leads highly likely to convert. From there, we further monitored PPC campaigns and refined ad copy, honing in on audience pain points and how Stephens solves them.

This highly targeted approach on relevant platforms drove a staggering 4.8 million ad impressions, successfully increasing brand visibility. Stephens Plumbing was now on the map.


Conversions by the Thousands

The diversified approach we implemented for PPC advertising didn't just help with visibility; it maximized conversions and lead flow by allocating ad spend across a variety of strategic channels, including:

  • Yelp
  • Google
  • Google Local Services

As we continuously optimized said ads, we effectively captured prospective customers across various touchpoints, facilitating over 10,000 paid ad conversions.


From Not Ranking to Dominating

Pay-per-click advertising, skyrocketing impressions, and thousands of conversions were just the beginning. Our SEO team optimized online business listings for Stephens, including their Google My Business profile, ensuring information was accurate on every platform they appeared.

Through extensive competitor and keyword research, our search engine optimization experts then identified high-value, relevant keywords we could infuse into their refreshed website copy.

By strategically integrating these targeted keywords not only into the website body copy but also metadata and headings, WISE improved search engine results page and keyword rankings. Here are a few highlights of our efforts:

  • 14 page 1 keywords, 6 of which are in the top 3
  • Went from not ranking for commercial HVAC and plumbing to ranking #1
  • Went from not ranking for commercial plumbing and heating to ranking #2
  • Went from outdoor plumbing ranking #55 to #3


Opened the Organic Traffic Floodgates

A successful digital marketing strategy is a well-rounded one; that's why we also developed a plan to boost organic traffic. Our copy team refreshed the Stephens website, skillfully infusing the right tone that would inspire action in a commercial audience, which is exactly who this family-owned business wanted to focus on.

“This was a dream project for the WISE Digital copy team because it allowed us to use our skills to perfect the content Stephens already had,” said Shannon Cheesman, WISE Copy Department Manager, about the 2023 website project we completed for Stephens. “Everything got a refresh, from our approach to reaching the target, to tone, and clarifying what may have been unclear for readers.”

To further boost organic traffic, the copy team ensured fresh content was regularly published. Through monthly blogging, we were able to build a knowledge base of tips, checklists, and safety information, which helped new leads organically find Stephens.

It’s not enough to simply bring leads in; websites must have a welcoming, streamlined user experience that guides visitors through the sales funnel. Our design team placed a strategic emphasis on the services Stephens offers, elevating the prominence of their commercial assistance while enhancing scannability. This optimized page layout with distinct visual elements created a clear, visually appealing website that kept visitors engaged.

And because we built the new Stephens website on NEST™, our proprietary website platform, it was lightning fast, ADA compliant, and secure.

By implementing keywords, aligning website content with search intent, enhancing design elements, and utilizing our award-winning platform, Stephens saw over 20,000 new organic users. Our continuous content updates, blog publishing, and SEO refinements ensure sustained organic growth.


Leveraged the Power of Yelp

The results of our efforts within Yelp were particularly fruitful, as WISE is a Yelp Advertising Premier Partner. This designation places our digital marketing agency among the top 4% of all Yelp advertising partners, an honor we worked tirelessly to achieve and now maintain.

The Yelp ads our team produced secured 488,212 impressions and captured an average of 700 leads each month; those numbers keep on climbing.

And as of March 2024, Stephens has been reaping the benefits of our new Yelp tool that automatically responds to requests for quotes. Now, they have a less-than-10-minute, 100% response rate!

All of the above was achieved within just a few years of partnering with WISE. The performance and return on investment for Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning continue to improve through our partnership, and we’ve already set our sights on new, even more ambitious goals.

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