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Paid Media

Yelp Paid Media Ad Agency

“If you are in a competitive industry, great online reviews are not just nice to have, they are a requirement!”

Tom Kenemore, Entrepreneur & Author


Connect With Purchase-Ready Customers

  • More than 80 million people visit Yelp every single month.
  • 90% of those on Yelp compare businesses before making any decisions.
  • 86% of Yelp searches are for a general service or product – not a specific company.

Bottom line: You're missing out if you’re not advertising on Yelp. Position your business to be in front of your ideal audience the moment they’re ready to make a purchase by partnering with WISE.

As a Yelp Advertising Premier Partner – a designation that puts WISE in the top 4% of all Yelp advertising partners – we have exclusive access to powerful tools, optimization features, and impressive pricing discounts. Together, we’ll cost-effectively level up your ad game.

Why Work With a Yelp Advertising Premier Partner?

High Standards

Because Premier Partners are in the top 4% of all Yelp advertising partners, they must show they employ best practices and successfully manage client campaigns. Confidently dive into Yelp with a vetted professional by your side.

More Attention

Say goodbye to long service request turnarounds, thanks to the dedicated Yelp support team that works directly with your advertising partner, WISE.

Exclusive Benefits

Interested in a slideshow that shows off your location? Or a call-to-action button to further drive leads? How about a professional video? With a Yelp Advertising Premier Partner like WISE, you can do all this and more.

Display Network

Stay top of mind long after a customer has left your Yelp page. With access to a coveted display network, WISE can continue showing your ads to interested audiences.


Automatically Respond to Requests for Quotes

Imagine the competitive edge you’d have if you could auto-respond to clients who submit a quote through your Yelp page. With help from our innovative WISE auto-response quote tool, that competitive edge is right at your fingertips. Schedule a call with us to learn more about this feature and the many perks of working with WISE as your Yelp Advertising Premier Partner.


Dedicated to Digital Marketing, Committed to You

Our years of digital marketing experience, paired with the power of Yelp, mean serious leads, revenue, and growth for your business.

  • Superior optimization: We’re no stranger to optimization, and as your Yelp PPC agency, we can unlock 100% of this platform’s page features to ensure optimal performance. Let WISE and Yelp be an extension of your website and sales team.
  • Unmatched access: Access not only to our team of experts but to Yelp resources. WISE has secured 24/7 access to executive-level resources, helping your business get the most out of this advertising and review platform.
  • Professional management: From weekly monitoring, campaign layering, strategic planning, and implementing your industry’s best practices, we take a comprehensive approach to Yelp advertising management.
  • Impressive Value: Get the best pricing and value from your ad budgets when you partner with WISE. Perks like free page upgrades and ad credits are only available to those who work with a Yelp Advertising Premier Partner.
  • Competitive Edge: Give your business a serious marketing advantage, thanks to the products and tools we offer, as well as the direct access we have to Yelp’s API. You’ll enjoy features that business owners can’t access on their own.
  • Advanced Reporting: Ready for a reporting powerhouse? Because that’s exactly what you’ll get through a WISE + Yelp partnership. Enjoy tailored reporting and advanced tracking to see how your Yelp ad ROI compares to other platforms.

Put Yelp to Work for You

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These experts know Yelp ads A-Z. Learn more about the pros who together have more than 25 years of paid media experience and will ensure your content is shown to your ideal target audience.



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