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As CTO at WISE Digital Partners, I act as the hub between technology and business, distilling business goals and objectives into technical requirements and solutions. I take complex concepts and translate them into real-world applications for our business partners.

More Details

  • Worked in web development since way back in the IE6 days
  • 15+ years of experience building enterprise ecommerce solutions for some of the biggest retailers in the world
  • Solutions architect for multiple consumer web/mobile applications across several verticals, from entertainment/gaming to public utilities
  • Deep understanding of digital marketing concepts and best practices and their relationship with modern technologies

Why I 💚 WISE

Beyond the amazing team that I get to work with at WISE, I love the fact that we can see the results of our efforts in the appreciation of clients/partners. Working with growth-oriented small- to medium-sized businesses allows us to engage directly with business owners and stakeholders, giving us a direct look into the actual real-world success and results we are driving for their business. Beyond numbers and analytics, we get to see the positive impact we have on their bottom line.

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