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NEST: Web Design & Marketing Services for Small Businesses

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by Patricia Addun / Digital Strategy, Websites

July 21, 2020

  • 3 min read

Struggling to bring more customers from your website? For 10+ years, our California web design agency has looked for a complete solution to do just that. We didn’t find it. So we built NEST.

NEST is original and extraordinary. It’s the first fully hosted website platform for small businesses paired with expert marketing services. We built NEST to fill in these gaps:

  • Limitations in website builders such as WordPress and Squarespace
  • Scattered marketing tools and the need for experienced experts in one place
  • Costly and time-consuming patch-working of multiple vendors

Enter the NEST

Having a website is important; having a well-designed, properly coded, secure, and high-performing website built to boost sales is even better. Here’s what else you get when you enter the NEST:

  • Custom Digital Strategy. Your business goals play a key part in how we approach your digital marketing plan.
  • Proprietary Content. Our in-house copywriters create custom copy and content that you own.
  • Award-Winning SEO. WISE Digital has won both local & global awards in SEO.
  • Unmatched Design Freedom. Your website is truly one of a kind with custom design.
  • Advanced Brand Design. Whether you need a new logo or a full rebrand to go with your website, we can handle it.
  • Optimized for Mobile. Your customers are looking for businesses like yours on their mobile devices. NEST enhances your website’s speed and user experience like no other platform we’ve ever worked on.
  • Review Platform. Keep everything in one place, never lose reviews, and showcase the best of your business to build trust.
  • Performance & Security. NEST websites are faster and more secure than those built on WordPress and other platforms.
  • Reporting & Analytics. At WISE, we love harnessing the power of data to help us make better decisions. Reporting platforms for Fortune 500 companies come standard with your NEST website, so we can adjust tactics based on data and measure success.

Simple, seamless marketing

Hiring people to create and manage your ads and other content are important. Having all of the talent you need—ad and content managers, developers, designers, and account managers—in one team is even better.

Avoid the hassle of uncoordinated marketing efforts, mismatched visuals and copy, separate billing for multiple services, and a lack of strategy that ties all of your goals together. Keep all of the marketing services and expertise you need in one place. Everything and everyone you need for your digital marketing is in NEST.

Add-on Monthly Support

Different birds have different flight patterns. The same is true of small to medium businesses. Our NEST is flexible enough to handle whatever marketing strategies you want and need.

For an affordable, no-nonsense, strategic, and synergistic approach to marketing, look no further than WISE Digital Partners. Make your budgeting for marketing services easier with NEST. With it, we’ll bridge the gap between your online and offline business goals, and save time working with an experienced team committed to your success. Let NEST handle your digital marketing so you can focus on growing other parts of your business.

We can’t wait to grow with you. Welcome to NEST.

To learn more about the platform including answers to frequently asked questions, click here. Ready for your business to take flight? Get a free consultation to learn more about how our affordable web design and marketing services can help you.


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