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NEST: The Platform You Can’t Afford Not to Be On

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by Patrick Dillon / Digital Strategy, Websites

February 16, 2021

  • 5 min read

The other week I had a conversation with an entrepreneur who owns a small insurance brokerage firm. In 2020, she spent $15,000 on a templated website and digital marketing, and got no results. Very quickly we could see that her website does not work on mobile and she can’t be found anywhere on Google for the types of insurance services she offers in her local market. It’s disheartening to hear this story, but unfortunately I’ve heard stories like this a few times a day, every day for a decade.

I explained our company, our background, the types of businesses we work with, and the tools and services we offer. For the same price she paid under-qualified freelancers last year, this business owner could have gotten a website built on our proprietary website platform, and received comprehensive marketing support with our team for a year. She’d have a solid foundation, be ahead of the competition, and would be seeing qualified new client leads every month. Then she asked, “If I wanted to work with you, who’s going to build my site and do my marketing?” I paused before answering, knowing last year she worked with “freelancers” who didn’t really have the skills to deliver what she needed, had a hard time getting things done on time, and were always hard to reach. I explained how what she needs could never be done by one person. With WISE, you get a full-service agency to support you, and your business enters into a proven step-by-step process to reach your goals. I explained how she will have an account manager that will be her dedicated point of contact, and that person will direct the efforts of 6 to 8 people internally to develop her marketing program. We develop a unique marketing strategy, content, messaging, SEO, website, advertising efforts and more. And we do it all with a unified and holistic approach. She laughed and said that her new marketing team is bigger than her whole company.

The value of our new platform constantly takes business owners by surprise. I want to share more about NEST and why it’s such a WISE investment.


NEST is our proprietary website platform (CMS) for marketing small and mid-sized businesses. We started the planning and development for NEST in 2019 and launched our first pilot client on the platform in March of 2020. The idea was to create a solution that had better performance and flexibility compared to platforms like Squarespace, Wix and even WordPress, and that delivered better marketing results. NEST offers faster web page speed than WordPress, and it’s more secure and highly scalable because it uses fewer resources and plugins. It employs cutting edge web development tools, and we’re able to develop great-looking websites faster on them, saving our clients time and money.


NEST is developed and supported by WISE Digital, an award-winning digital marketing agency. Over the last 15 years, our team has served thousands of businesses in over 40 industries. As of January 2021, our team handles the marketing for 100 brands in 24 industries, 15 states, two countries, and counting. With NEST, you get a world class team of experts for one low flat monthly rate.


Our tech speaks for itself. Check out just a few key points:

  • Mobile Performance – NEST websites perform very well on mobile. Mobile speed and performance are hugely important to Google, and NEST websites are better than almost any website we’ve tested on most platforms on the market today. Here’s one example:

  • Bounce Rate – This metric tells us the percentage of visitors who visit your site and leave before clicking on any other page. High bounce rates are bad because it generally means your website is not engaging enough to keep visitors on it. Most WordPress websites have a bounce rate of 40-70%, while platforms like Wix and Squarespace are even worse. Our first 6 pilot clients have an average bounce rate of 6.2%.
  • Review Platform – Have you ever come across businesses that just seem to crush the competition on reviews? It’s not magic; it’s because they put a system in place. We spent years creating a solution like that for bigger brands and built it into NEST. We’ve been able to drive 30% more new reviews to our client’s businesses with this tech in place.


When you’re in the NEST, you’re supported by a team of experts who know how to get things done well. We’re led by ten gifted digital strategists, all with different backgrounds in digital – strategy, SEO, copy, website design, graphic design, development, Google ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, analytics, and more. We’ve supported big and small brands, and have a proven process in place to get you going.


Don’t take our word for it! Listen to these clients that already made the choice to move into the NEST.

Show me

It’s one thing to hear about NEST results; it’s another thing to see them for yourself. Here’s a snapshot of our first 6 NEST website launches. You can see more in our website showcase.


We’ve made NEST so affordable that you almost can’t afford not to do it. We have three packages and monthly pricing plans designed to support any level of business growth goals, and we’re offering a $5,000 discount on NEST when you sign on for a full year of marketing support. Comprehensive marketing support starts at $1,000 per month. Our base package support includes digital strategy, website management, SEO, listings and review support, comprehensive reporting and account support. Additional add-on services like advertising management, blogging and social media, and more are available.

Explore the Possibilities

Curious to see what NEST can do for you? Schedule a brief call with our team and tell us about your business. You have nothing to lose and the business of your dreams to gain.


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