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A 2021 Preview of WISE Digital Marketing Topics


by Carlo Victa /

January 29, 2021

  • 3 min read

Ready to get wiser with digital marketing in 2021? Our team is working hard to help grow businesses like yours. But we also enjoy educating on how to best move the needle through your marketing efforts this year.

Here’s a preview of 10 helpful content topics you can expect from our WISE blog in 2021:


5 Questions to Ask Before You Build a New Website in 2021 – Are you looking to get more customers online in 2021? Where and how you build your next website matters. Whether you are building your next site yourself or looking to hire a website company, we give you 5 things you need to be aware of. In 2021, a great-looking website is not enough.

TLD TL;DR: Making Quick Sense of Top-Level Domains (TLDs) – Should your website URL end with .com? .net? .org, or something else? Those are called top-level domains, and they have connotations and impacts you may not be aware of. We’ll give you a quick guide on which one to use for your business.

Why Was My Website Hacked? The Problem With Cheap Hosting Solutions – The year is 2021, and every business owner needs to understand online security better. Learn about the risks of using cheap website hosting solutions and how you can protect your brand against ill intent.


Your Guide to Core Web Vitals – Google’s next big update is arriving in May 2021, and your website needs to get ready. Next month we’ll share everything you need to know about Core Web Vitals – what it is, how it will affect Google search visibility, and what you can do to prepare.

Design & Branding

The ROI of UX Design – In theory, offering your website users good user experience (UX) seems like a good idea. But how does it impact your bottom line? We connect the dots and show you why it literally pays to have strong UX design.

What is the Difference Between Marketing & Branding? – It’s time to clear the air! Learn where the line is between marketing and branding – what’s what, and which category your business should invest in this year.

Paid Ads

Should I Use Facebook Ads or Google Ads? – In this beginner-friendly guide, we walk you through which ad platform may be right for your business. If you want to set your business up for success, half the battle is being in the right environment to thrive.

Email Marketing

How to Write Great Subject Lines for Email Marketing – There’s nothing worse than creating a great email and seeing no one open it. We’ll give you tips on writing subject lines that get clicks and start new conversations about your business.


Why Business Owners Should Respond to Their Reviews Online – Even if someone else is handling your marketing, there are things you can do to impact your bottom line online. Learn why responding to reviews is critical to help control the conversation about your brand today.

Reporting & Analytics

Does Data Drive Your Decisions? Tools That Can Help – Your business is too important to turn decision-making into guesswork. Learn about tools we use that help us determine what directions to move in – tools that can benefit your business as well.

What Are You Interested In?

Is there a marketing or website topic you’d like to learn more about this year? Contact us and perhaps we can write a post about it! In the meantime, stay posted as we bring this great content live over the course of 2021. Here’s to a great year for your business!


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