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Brand & Design

WISE Lands Award for Imaginative Design Work on Donut Company’s Website

by Marisa Schleycirle-animation

by Marisa Schley / Awards, Press

May 30, 2023

  • 3 min read

From mini treats to big awards! The team here at WISE Digital Partners is celebrating an exciting victory, not only for ourselves but for our client, The Mini Donut Company.

The work we completed for this San Diego-based donut company has earned our digital marketing agency a Web Excellence Award, this time in the coveted Custom Website Design category. It’s the seventh time WISE has been honored with such an award, and we’re as committed as ever to striving for excellence and helping clients fulfill their business goals.

But What Is a Web Excellence Award?

Great question! Presented by the Web Academy of Digital Arts and Media, it’s a worldwide competition honoring distinguished websites, videos, apps, campaigns, and other web-based work.

The mission of the Web Excellence Awards is to promote excellence. The competition aims to set the standard for marketing on the web, whether you’re a creative agency, marketing company, designer, freelancer, or entrepreneur.

How We Secured This ‘Oh-So-Sweet’ Honor

When The Mini Donut Company reached out to our WISE Digital Partners team about refreshing their brand and building a responsive website that looked great and performed even better, we were thrilled. This was a chance to showcase not only our technical and SEO expertise but our creative capabilities.

In our initial brand and brainstorming talks, our team overwhelmingly agreed that a fun product deserves a website just as fun – without losing the ability to capture an audience and convert leads into sales. And that’s exactly what we created.

Details Big and Small

Our team started by analyzing the bigger picture. We reviewed our client’s goals, current branding and messaging, as well as their industry and market. We then created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including all the smaller details to help us achieve that big picture.


UI and Visual Designer Danie Zheng took the lead on this project when it came time to design.

“Designing a website is like crafting a delectable treat, and our collaboration with The Mini Donut Company has earned us the sweetest accolade,” he said. “With every pixel, illustration, and lighting-fast page load, we delivered an on-brand experience that connects the donuts to the consumers in a delightful way!”

Danie created custom illustrations and graphics to help bring The Mini Donut Company’s new website to life, all without slowing down load time. The result is a visually stunning, on-brand site that’s as satisfying as the mini donuts themselves. Plus, thanks to it being built on NEST™ – our proprietary website platform – it’s lightning fast, helping connect donuts to consumers even more quickly.

Search Engine Optimization

What do you get with help from search engine optimization (SEO) experts like Mike Cook, SEO Specialist here at WISE? A site that ranks in the top three positions on page one of Google for nearly 100 terms, not just in one market but in three.

“We knew what the client offered, what we wanted to target through internal discussions and research, put together a strategy, and then put that strategy into action,” Mike said about the project. “The result is a site doing incredibly well, with most of their keywords ranking in the top three for each location in local search.”

With this new exposure, The Mini Donut Company is working hard to keep up with demand – the best kind of problem!

The Sprinkles on Top

Since the launch of the custom-built website we created for them, The Mini Donut Company has already opened a third location to help keep up with their ever-growing demand.

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