Gloria Bonifazi Young<

Gloria Bonifazi Young

UI/Visual Designer

A great idea or brilliant product that “sells itself” can be stunted, among many other factors, by the way it’s presented to its audience. I help visually guide the user by designing an intuitive, interactive, stunning visual interface for all WISE and nest products. I translate your brand’s strengths and mission into a clean and polished visual experience, making sure the design is consistent, coherent, and aesthetically pleasing. Formative years surrounded by Italian belle-arti and my studies in interior design inform me in crafting unique digital experiences focused on a human-centric design perspective. In these experiences, I strategically use visual elements to evoke emotional connection to a brand and immerse users in a narrative.

More Details

  • As a natural leader, I was Art Director for a California energy company and my own design firm before joining WISE
  • I have been working in the design space for 10+ years, with experience in Italy, Germany and Australia among other countries
  • A jack of all “visual” trades, I am proficient in graphic design, brand design, illustration, photography, 3D modeling and interior design


With a past of working and traveling solo, I have been longing for a creative and incredibly talented team I could learn from and blossom in. The WISE approach with clients and its development of products has been the most impressive I have seen and the friendly, relaxed vibes have been impossible to resist. I am looking forward to growing with this team.

You Should Know...

  • I am always on the hunt for best pizzeria in town
  • I traveled the world with my backpack twice
  • I created my first website on Corel Draw ’95
  • One of my fur babies is a big Savannah cat

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