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National Home Loans

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The Goal: A Strategic Rebrand

National Home Loans is a top-rated mortgage broker based in San Diego, CA. Led by John Giannattasio, the business boasts a five-star average on Google and Yelp with a supreme focus on customer service.

But when John first came to us at the end of 2019, National Home Loans didn’t exist, at least not in its current form. WISE walked John through a rebrand that included logo development and selecting a company name that would have an SEO impact, reach the target audience, and be scalable.

Then, we got to work on the rest. And today, our efforts are now driving consistent leads each month.

“I reached out to WISE Digital Partners to help with a name change, rebranding, new website, and to manage all my marketing. I'm beyond pleased with how it all turned out. I'm looking forward to working together as we continue to grow my business.”

John Giannattasio

Owner, National Home Loans

Measuring Success


Rebranded the Company

John had already gone through multiple iterations of his brand—Capitis Financial and John G Mortgage Team. When he came to WISE Digital, John and our CEO, Patrick Dillon, had several conversations about the limitations of his current business name. Key factors included the following:

  • SEO impact
  • Domain considerations
  • Target audience
  • Scalability
  • Future-proofing an exit strategy

In the end, we decided that a name change to National Home Loans was the right thing to do for the company and its future prospects. Along with a name change came a new logo.

The logo development process involved two key considerations:

Simplicity - Simple logos are easier to remember, easier to scale, and work well in a large variety of mediums and color constraints. For this logo, simplicity in the design was also important to John because it aligned with the company’s business goal of simplicity for his clients. The company wanted to compete with nationally recognized companies whose technology and reach make it easy to apply for a mortgage with a few clicks on their phone.

Iconography - The logo iconography also reflected the company’s business goals. Since they were targeting military home buyers, the flag use is a nod to this audience as well as the “national” presence in the business name. The other consideration was to make it clear that this was about home loans without the logo simply being a house. This was to differentiate National Home Loans from the many mortgage companies that use a house as a logo.

With the rebrand in full effect, John went all-in with WISE.


Keyword Rankings Growth

Prior to WISE, National Home Loans ranked for zero searched-for keywords on Google other than their business name. After partnering with WISE, their relevant keywords on Google's Page 1 were in the double digits just over a year after their website launched. And they were suddenly visible throughout San Diego County for over 30+ keywords we actively targeted in Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages).



Boosted Organic Website Traffic

You can see a clear difference between organic search traffic on Google prior to the new website launch and WISE marketing plan, and afterward.


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