What Is Search Intent and Why Is It so Important?

by Carlo Victa / SEO

February 15, 2023



What’s the last thing you searched for on Google? Were you trying to learn something, buy something, or perhaps find a specific website? That’s what’s called search intent (a.k.a. user intent). It’s the purpose behind why you are searching online. 

Search intent is an important concept for business owners to understand. Why? Because if you’re going to market your business online, you need to know what people are searching for and how you can position yourself to fulfill their intent. So let’s begin. There are four types of search intent, all of which have implications for your business.

Navigational Search Intent

When someone is trying to find something very specific and already knows what they’re looking for, it’s called navigational search intent. For instance, perhaps they already know the brand they’re looking for and just need to find the website. An example would be if someone has heard of WISE Digital Partners and they go to Google to find out more information.


How to Position Your Business

First, focus on targeting specific keywords and creating content that spotlights your products or services. This will be the entry point for people to get to know your business and understand your brand.

Second, make sure there is clarity surrounding your brand. For example, one of the biggest things to avoid is having more than one active website for your business at any given time. 

Informational Search Intent

If someone is trying to learn more about a topic, product, or service, that’s called informational search intent. An example would be someone searching the term “What is SEO” in Google to learn more about Search Engine Optimization. This is your opportunity to provide your audience with informational or educational content and build trust in your expertise. 

WISE_Informational Search Intent

How to Position Your Business

What are people’s most common questions about your products or services? Even if you already have an FAQs page, you can easily turn each of those questions and answers into blog posts or pages of their own. 

Your FAQs provide an opportunity to help you connect with what people are searching for and have questions about. You can then turn that into quality content that educates.

Transactional Search Intent

If someone is trying to complete a specific action or they’re looking for a particular service or product, it’s called transactional search intent. Let’s say someone wants their website audited for ADA compliance (a service we provide here at WISE Digital). They’re searching for a business that can do that for them, and if you’re positioned correctly, yours will come up as an option.


WISE_Transactional Search Intent

How to Position Your Business

This is the meat and potatoes for a business website, and you’ll want to ensure you have a page that represents each of the products you sell or services you provide. 

Also, you’ll want to think about what conversion means for your business. What are you trying to get people to do? This will help you create relevant content that highlights your products or services.

Commercial Search Intent

These are the folks trying to learn more about a product or service before pulling the trigger on making a purchase. They want to ensure they have all the information to make a smart buy. For example, let’s say they’ve heard about NEST™, WISE Digital’s website platform, and want to learn more about it. They’ll likely start by searching online to see what they can learn about the product.


WISE_Commercial Search Intent

How to Position Your Business

There are plenty of opportunities for a business to create content that helps people who are not quite ready to make a purchase. This is your opportunity to provide them with information that can sway them one way or another and even position your product or service as the best choice.

It’s Time to Get WISE

Even if you know a little about SEO, you need a partner to help you determine what keywords are realistic for you to go after, depending on your business size and stage. And you’ll want a partner that can dive deeply into search intent to nail down how you can get users directed right at you. 

At WISE Digital, we’ll put together a solid SEO strategy for your website that encompasses all of the best practices that’ll help drive growth for your business. Book a call today!

Written By

Carlo Victa

Carlo is the Director of Organic Strategy at WISE Digital Partners, a digital marketing agency based in San Diego, CA.

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