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Crispy Green & Real Synch Honored With Web Excellence Awards

by Marisa Schleycirle-animation

by Marisa Schley / Press

October 25, 2022

  • 3 min read

It’s another great day here at WISE Digital Partners, as the custom website and brand identity work we completed for two esteemed clients, Crispy Green and Real Synch earned coveted Web Excellence Awards.

Web Excellence Awards are global awards that honor standout digital work across many platforms, from apps and podcasts to videos, websites, and everything in between. Having previously earned web excellence awards for our Dark Horse CPAs and Reliant Home Funding work, we look forward to continuing to raise the digital marketing bar.

Crispy Green

The Marketing Challenge

Crispy Green started its journey in 2004 when the marketing landscape was far different and in-store retail reigned supreme. Then, COVID-19 hit and brought an immense shift in the marketplace. As a result, Crispy Green, like many others, faced a new challenge: How to get its quality products in front of consumers while continuing to flourish?

Unsure of the path forward, they knew one thing for certain – they needed ecommerce help from marketing pros. That’s when they turned to our WISE Digital Partners team.

The WISE Digital Partners Solution

Refreshed Brand Identity for Online Presence

Pre-pandemic, many brands had retail marketing strategies in place, strategies that needed revamping once the country came to a COVID standstill. Crispy Green was in a similar position, with a solid brand foundation that now needed to make the successful move into ecommerce.

With functionality, brand identity, and user experience at the forefront of our minds, we knew we couldn’t just dive right in. First, our marketing experts carefully reviewed Crispy Green’s current online branding to ensure it would seamlessly make the transition into ecommerce. Then, after mapping out an overall marketing strategy and discussing details with the Crispy Green team, we knew an online brand refresh was in order.

So that’s exactly where our project managers, strategists, and designers started. We created standout visual components alongside clear, actionable messaging that stood out within the snack-food marketplace, then focused our efforts on a custom ecommerce website.

Engaging Ecommerce Website That Drives Action

Gloria Bonifazi Young, WISE’s Senior UI/Visual Designer, recalls designing Crispy Green’s custom website:

“We approached the website redesign with consumer flow in mind, emphasizing their educational and captivating brand voice while putting Crispy Green’s stunning products front and center.”

Gloria sought to merge functionality with user experience during the website design process. Our search engine optimization experts also played a major role in the new site, ensuring Crispy Green was placed in front of a relevant online audience.

At the client’s request, we also brought in paid marketing strategies to strengthen the Crispy Green ecommerce foothold further.

Final Result

The result? A Web Excellence Awards-winning holistic brand identity and engaging ecommerce experience that inspires action. And inspire action it has!

Already on track to accomplish its 2022 objectives, Crispy Green has created even loftier goals for next year, knowing WISE Digital Partners will be by their side every step of the way.

Real Synch

The Marketing Challenge

Real Synch approached our WISE Digital Partners team with three clear goals: they needed a revamped logo, a new website, and a new customer acquisition strategy.

Providing automation for real estate businesses, Real Synch had a solid brand foundation. However, they realized their current acquisition strategy had plateaued, so they turned to us to help bring them to the next level.

The WISE Digital Partners Solution

Branding Deep Dive + Refresh

Kirsten DiVito, our Director of Design, deeply delved into Real Synch’s total digital presence to refresh their branding. Then she began work on their new logo, noting:

“When thinking about Real Synch, engine synchronization came to mind – various parts coming together to produce greater output more efficiently. That’s exactly what Real Synch accomplishes for their clients.”

Thus, Kirsten and her team incorporated a synchro ring into Real Synch’s updated logo before looking at the brand’s visual aesthetic as a whole. The team updated the muted color palettes and implemented a more illustrative style to convey the many advantages of Real Synch’s technology.

Here’s Real Synch’s aesthetic before they teamed up with our professionals:

And with help from WISE Digital Partners, here’s what it looks like now:

Enter NEST™

Because of this client’s particular needs, we called on every department at WISE Digital Partners. Our branding, copy, user interface, user experience, search engine optimization teams, and website developers all played a vital role in bringing Real Synch’s logo, website, and customer acquisition strategy to life.

But we didn’t stop there. We also brought in several software integrations and used our proprietary website platform, NEST™, to ensure Real Synch was a standout provider within the real estate workflow software industry.

Final Result

WISE Digital Partners snagged top honors from the Web Excellence Awards, and we’re honored to have received such recognition for our Real Synch work.

After the branding, website, and acquisition success, Real Synch brought WISE on to manage its traffic strategies – we’re already in talks to expand the current website as they keep growing!

Ready for Your Winning Marketing Strategy?

Our leading digital marketing agency has helped these clients and many others break through the noise and enjoy sustained growth and profitability – we’re eager to do the same for your business.

Book a consultation with WISE Digital Partners to start working on your winning marketing strategy today.


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