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WISE Founder & CEO Patrick Dillon Named Entrepreneur of the Year for 2022

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by Shannon Cheesman / Press

December 23, 2022

  • 2 min read

The best entrepreneurs have intrinsic qualities—they’re passionate visionaries who are tenacious, know when to take risks, and truly believe in the power of ideas. They also have the grit and courage to build great things.

It’s those attributes that helped entrepreneur Patrick Dillon, Founder & CEO of WISE Digital Partners, build an award-winning digital marketing agency. And we’re excited to announce him being named Entrepreneur of the Year for 2022 by CEO Review magazine.

About Our CEO

Patrick Dillon has founded ten businesses throughout his lifetime—he actually started his first business at age 12! He’s an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for marketing and helping other business owners succeed.

In his past business endeavors, Patrick has attracted major national and global brands as clients, including the NFL, Time Inc., Sports Illustrated, Warner Bros. Records, and NBC Universal. And he’s been featured in numerous publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur magazine.

Patrick is also a member of the Forbes Agency Council (an invitation-only network of executives) and a regular contributor to Here are a few of his articles:

As WISE Digital’s Founder & CEO, Patrick Dillon is also a sought-after guest for industry podcasts. You can hear first-hand insights from Patrick by visiting:

On a personal level, Patrick values a strong work-life balance that allows time for friends, family, and self-care along with his business pursuits. He’s an avid traveler, loves to cook, and focuses on eating well and staying healthy.

About WISE Digital Partners

Patrick Dillon is an entrepreneur who loves working with other business owners who have the same passion, vision, and drive that he does. He founded WISE (based in San Diego, California) in 2019 to help companies soar to new heights and to teach the power of digital marketing in growing a business. “Digital is confusing, but it doesn’t have to be,” he says. “It just takes an explanation in plain language.”

He’s backed by a team of digital marketing experts who are leaders in their respective disciplines and bring years of experience and knowledge to the table. When clients partner with WISE Digital, they get an entire roster of industry professionals in their corner with expertise in everything from overall digital strategy to design, web development, paid media, SEO, and content. 

WISE’s award-winning team has worked with local and national businesses across many different industries. It’s a company known for getting results, as evidenced by client testimonials like these:“Some companies are vendors…others are partners to your business. WISE is definitely the latter. They have partnered with us strategically on all things digital and created an incredible website (probably the best in the industry, to be honest). All aspects of your digital presence and marketing are taken into account when you work with them, and you get great insights into your performance and improvements. Incredible ROI. Incredible people.” – Chase Birky, CEO & Co-Founder, Dark Horse CPAs

“We’ve cycled through several marketing companies over the years, and WISE Digital has an excellent handle on marketing law firms online. They’ve done an outstanding job actively managing our online presence. We’ve significantly improved our organic search positioning within the first couple of weeks of launching the website.” – Matthew Crowther, Esq., Shareholder, Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.

WISE Digital has grown exponentially year over year, even amid the COVID pandemic in 2020. That success is driven by a passionate CEO, a solid leadership team, and the digital marketing experts who round out the rest of the company.

Always forging ahead, WISE Digital Partners is now charting a path as a technology provider in the digital marketing space with the development of NEST™. It’s an all-in-one, fully hosted website and digital marketing platform that’s fast, secure, and highly scalable. More than 50 WISE clients have websites built on the proprietary platform designed to drive growth. You can learn more about the growth it’s driving in this video featuring the lead developer:

Our CEO’s Advice for Other Entrepreneurs

As a lifelong entrepreneur who currently operates three businesses, including WISE Digital, Patrick Dillon knows what it takes to succeed.

His advice when coaching other business owners is always to pay close attention to financials. For one, knowing where your money is coming and going is essential. Secondly, your finances will indicate when you need to pivot in another direction or stay the course and push ahead even harder.

Finally, WISE Digital’s Founder & CEO also believes in remaining humble, regardless of the level of success you achieve. “You have to check your ego at the door,” he says about being an entrepreneur. “Especially if you’re new to the game because there’s so much to learn.”

Want to see how far you can go with your business? Contact the leading industry experts at WISE Digital Partners today to create a successful digital marketing strategy.


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