Farm Fresh Meals

Organic growth at just the right time can help businesses thrive.

01 / Clear Goals

Farm Fresh Background

Farm Fresh Meals is a healthy meal prep company serving San Diego County. They deliver high-quality meals from fresh, organic, and locally-sourced whole food ingredients. Prior to WISE, their modest customer base was centralized in a few select cities in North County—but they had bigger aspirations. Our team was excited to take them to the next level.

Massive Growth Goals

Upon partnering with WISE in October 2019, Farm Fresh’s owner Jeff Dougherty shared his plan for Southern California expansion with us. How could they grow to dominate Southern California digitally while preserving a local feel? At that point, they were visible on Google for a few relevant keywords, but mostly in their home city of Carlsbad. We developed clear goals around what services he wanted more of and moved towards executing our multi-channel strategy.

02 / Strategies, People & Tools

A WISE Strategy Brings Success

In order to fulfill Farm Fresh’s goals, they needed a new website. More specifically, they needed one with their expansion goals baked right in; one that would look and perform better; and one with a killer SEO strategy woven into its DNA. The website also needed to house a new subscription model as well.

But the website was just the beginning. During our initial plan, we provided these digital marketing services to Farm Fresh Meals:

  • Website Management & Hosting
  • SEO
  • Listings Management
  • ADA Compliance
  • Analytics & Lead Tracking

The new website with improved SEO launched on February 21, 2020—and then the pandemic hit a month later. Would our work help Farm Fresh thrive in the midst of a competitive and growing meal delivery industry?

03 / Transparent Results

Organic growth from all angles.

The results we’ve brought Farm Fresh Meals since their February 2020 website launch have been tremendous, and right on time. We’ve helped them leapfrog dozens of competitors throughout San Diego just as the meal delivery space started booming during the pandemic.

2020 Growth At A Glance


New user growth


Session growth


Transaction growth


Revenue growth


MMR Growth


Total business growth

Organic Website Traffic

Compare Farm Fresh’s organic search traffic in 2019 compared to 2020. Organic traffic sessions are directly impacted by SEO efforts.

Keyword Rankings Growth

Prior to the new website and SEO, Farm Fresh Meals had a few good Google keyword rankings in Carlsbad only. But with our SEO efforts, we are seeing 4x more Google page 1 keyword rankings across San Diego County, including these examples:

From One City to An Entire County

Our team created an SEO strategy to target Google searchers throughout San Diego County. This helped Farm Fresh expand beyond Carlsbad in an efficient and profitable way considering their delivery routes. Here are key cities showing the most interest:

What’s Next?

We’re helping Farm Fresh Meals meet their goals for SoCal expansion. Next up: Orange County.

Our services have expanded to help them dominate further. Next up: Paid Search Ads, Paid Social Ads, Blogging, and further Website work.

04 / Profitable Returns

Praise In Our Partner’s Own Words

Our website was in need of a complete overhaul and I'm so happy to have connected with the WISE Digital team. They came highly recommended so my expectations were pretty high, and yet they far exceeded them! Aesthetically and functionally our new site is on the level with our national competitors.

But what's even more amazing is the expertise Wise Digital Partners brought to our SEO. Organic traffic has more than doubled while the stunning site is converting at a much higher rate than our old site.

If you're ready to take your e-commerce biz to the next level, no need to look any further. Thanks guys!

Jeff Dougherty

Owner | Farm Fresh Meals