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DeBlanc, Murphy & Murphy

How WISE modernized this client’s outdated marketing strategy.


First Year Results at a Glance



Website Visibility



Website Traffic



SEO Leads



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The Goal: Get All Eyes On Them

DeBlanc, Murphy & Murphy is a full-service CPA firm serving the Washington, DC metro area. Founded in 1978, the firm realized its marketing approach hadn't changed much since then – which meant this firm was facing stagnant website traffic, outdated functionality, lackluster online visibility, and a focus on an audience that was no longer relevant.

DeBlanc, Murphy & Murphy knew it was time to reevaluate their approach to marketing. So they partnered with WISE, trusting our team of experts to breathe new life into their digital presence.

“10 out of 10. Thanks to WISE Digital Partners, DeBlanc, Murphy & Murphy has achieved a consistent stream of leads with a high conversion rate.”

Chris DeBlanc

Managing Principal, DeBlanc, Murphy & Murphy

Measuring Success


Boosted Website Visibility by 55%

Launching a new, SEO-rich website with improved, targeted content helped improve this client’s brand awareness and visibility. Their new site immediately gained traction, putting our WISE Digital strategists in a great position to take things to the next level.

As we had already conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, identifying and rectifying issues that hindered our client's online performance, we focused on building robust backlinks. Executing a highly-targeted strategy, we obtained quality backlinks from authoritative sources within the accounting firm industry. We then expanded the client's online profiles to further extend their reach.

The Results:

  • Increased local rankings by an average of 3 positions within the first 6 months of launching the firm’s new website
  • Boosted website visibility by over 55% with the addition of backlinks and profiles


Increased Website Traffic by 35%

During our initial talks with DeBlanc, Murphy & Murphy, we identified several goals the firm hoped to achieve. Our team then distilled those goals and put them at the forefront of our minds, ensuring everything we did supported reaching them. The result was the following strategy:

  • Build a contemporary website to give potential clients a stellar user experience; complex pricing calculators would be icing on the cake.
  • Shift the audience focus to high net-worth individuals, families, and small- and medium-sized businesses in the DC metro area.
  • Enhance brand awareness and visibility.
  • Capture relevant leads through fresh marketing tactics.

Instead of simply overhauling the firm’s website, we took a fresh approach. We built a brand new website on our fully hosted NEST™ platform, ensuring a user-friendly interface, impressive search engine optimization, improved navigation, and enhanced overall functionality, such as fast loading times.

Because we love making digital marketing dreams come true, our development team set aside time to focus on pricing calculators, the client's "icing on the cake." The result? Custom options with a quote application built directly into their site. Now, potential DeBlanc, Murphy & Murphy clients can quickly see relevant, competitive pricing options.

The website redesign and custom pricing calculators provide a seamless, engaging, and search engine-friendly experience.

The Results:

  • Custom, modern website on our fully-hosted NEST™ platform
  • User-friendly calculators and custom quote applications that help potential clients see this firm’s competitive pricing options

What good is a new website if it uses outdated copy? After honing in on our client's target audience and better understanding new buyer personas, our content and SEO specialists teamed up to craft and refine all website copy. WISE developed a unique brand identity and voice to align with DeBlanc, Murphy & Murphy’s updated goals. The firm now successfully speaks to its new audience, all in their DC metro area.

The Result:

  • 35% increase in traffic in the first six months after the new website launched


Captured 110 High-Quality PPC Leads

Leveraging the power of pay-per-click advertising, WISE initiated targeted PPC ad campaigns for DeBlanc, Murphy & Murphy in November of 2022. Because campaigns were tailored to the client's industry and audience, we carefully selected keywords, crafted compelling, actionable copy, and continuously optimized campaigns, adjusting for maximum effectiveness.

The Results:

  • Within the first 6 months, PPC campaigns accounted for nearly 44% of total website traffic
  • During that same period, paid search ads captured over 110 relevant leads
  • When applicable in search engine result pages, their ads were in 1 of the top 3 positions 90% of the time

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