Ascent Roofing

How WISE powered digital marketing for this leading roofing contractor… boosting leads, increasing conversions, and doubling their annual revenue projections in less than 12 months.


Meet Ascent Roofing

Ascent Roofing is a family-owned and operated San Diego company known for industry-leading work, competitive warranties, and excellent customer service.

Founded in 2016, Ascent is a young but ambitious company, and despite maintaining a five-star customer rating, website traffic, and lead conversion rates had flatlined in 2022. After months of stagnation, Ascent dropped their agency partners and switched to WISE Digital.

And that’s when everything changed for the roofing company. In our first year together, we helped Ascent:

  • Double its lead conversion rates
  • Launch a new website
  • Grow its website traffic by 208%
  • More than double total monthly inbound customer leads.

After a full year of partnership with WISE, Ascent is projecting to double its annual revenue in 2023. Here’s how we made it happen.


Ascent Was Already a Great Company – We Just Had to Get the World to Notice

When Ascent owner Carlos Alfaro approached us, he was, to put it politely, frustrated. The digital agency he was working with was not delivering on its promises, and the metrics confirmed it.

Ascent was a six-year-old company at that time, yet its domain authority (DA) reflected that of a newly-launched business—only 4 out of 100. Worse, Ascent had no SEO strategy, an outdated website, and a 100 percent error rate in online directories.

While we knew that Ascent's website needed attention from a UX perspective, we also uncovered additional major issues. For one, their website was not ADA-compliant, exposing them to costly lawsuits. Secondly, their site also failed to meet Google's Core Web Vitals, which measures loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability to indicate whether a website has a great user experience.

Despite these setbacks, Ascent still had incredible reviews, a well-trained team, and some of the industry’s most competitive service and warranty packages.

The business was already great, but to get the world to notice, Ascent needed two things — a new website and a robust SEO and Google Ads strategy.

“We are so pleased with Patrick and his team. They are the most professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy I found of the many companies I called.” - Carlos Alfaro | Owner, Ascent Roofing


First Impressions Matter: Building Out a Sleek, Fully-Branded Website

We knew Ascent’s new website had to look as good as it functioned. So we chose to build on our proprietary NEST™ platform. It’s an all-in-one fully-hosted website platform designed to drive growth by:

  • Improving the UX experience
  • Streamlining performance while strengthening security
  • Providing superior lead-tracking capabilities
  • Maintaining ADA compliance
  • Gathering robust data and analytics

We enhanced the user experience in several ways. To start, we simplified navigation and streamlined the copy-heavy design of the original site. We also incorporated high-production video reels to showcase Ascent's work in action and strategically placed contact forms throughout the website to generate customer leads.

Ascent’s website is now lightning-fast, secure, ADA-compliant, user-friendly, and visually captivating, leaving a lasting impression from the first click.

Our next task: drive traffic, convert leads, and grow Ascent’s revenue.


Progress By the Numbers

Google Ads: Year 1

Ascent came on board with WISE in May 2022. We began working on a better ad program immediately while at the same time building them a new website to improve conversions even further, drive organic traffic, and help them gain more profitable leads.

If we look at the average number of leads prior to WISE (Jan to April 2022), Ascent received, on average, 62.75 leads per month.

While working with the existing website during the new website build, WISE was able to get this number to 83 leads per month by improving ad performance.

Once the new website went live in September of 2022, and WISE was able to really improve conversion, leads rose to 101 monthly leads on average, nearly double the benchmark. And the quality of those leads went up drastically after the new and improved website was launched.

Here’s what lead growth looked like on a monthly basis:

In the first year, with a better-targeted paid media strategy to boost lead generation and keeping in mind the client's budget requirements, WISE successfully increased Ascent’s conversions from Google Ads by 85.87%.

This was a solid start, but we wanted to achieve even more substantial growth and establish stronger connections between Ascent and local customers. To accomplish this, we introduced a Local Service Ads strategy on Google.

As a result, Ascent has now secured a prominent position in Google searches. We also delivered and continue to maintain an increase in ad conversion of 91.29% from the year prior.

SEO: The First Six Months

Our next goal was to accelerate keyword ranking across the entire website and to drive local traffic using directories, including Ascent’s Google Business Profile. We specifically targeted seven communities in the San Diego area.

Our keyword ranking strategy improved rankings for over 175 keywords across seven markets, with many of them reaching the top 10 positions. For example, here’s how the rankings shot up for the San Diego market (Ascent Roofing’s primary target market):

We also optimized Ascent’s Google Business Profile, and within just six months after we launched a new website for them, they received over 62,000 impressions and 255 clicks directly from the profile.

Conversions: The First Six Months

Within only six months of adopting the new SEO, Directory Listings, and Google Business Profile strategy, Ascent received 784 conversions from their new website, an increase of 69.69%. They saw an increase in conversions through all channels of 54.13%.


Shifting Focus

High-quality work is coming to the company organically, making it easier to close larger deals. Plus, leads are coming in via multiple channels and methods.

Although Paid Search ads had a slightly smaller impact than initially anticipated because of budget, our SEO strategy served as a strong counterbalance, enabling Ascent to acquire more profitable business, faster.

In June of 2023, we started running Yelp ads to see how the ROI compares to PPC, and we are already starting to see substantial success in the first month. Ads increased total leads coming from Yelp by 1,025% in just 30 days.

And finally, we are expanding the organic footprint of the website by broadening its scope with a steady stream of content.


Praise In Our Partner’s Own Words

Owner Carlos Alfaro has seen real results and is thrilled to report that Ascent's annual revenue, which already stands at a multi-million dollar level, is projected to more than double in the first full year since partnering with WISE.

It’s been almost a year of working with WISE, and our website looks amazing, SEO ranking improves daily, and [the entire team] has been responsive since day one. I strongly recommend WISE Digital Partners to anyone looking to grow their business.

Carlos Alfaro

Owner, Ascent Roofing

Perhaps one of the clearest indicators of success is that Ascent is becoming a self-sustaining business that can operate without constant oversight from its owner. Figuring out the marketing piece was one of the last steps to allow that to happen.

After partnering with WISE, Carlos and his family (including his father, uncle, and sister, who also work at the company) were able to step away from the business and take a vacation for the first time in seven years. And they didn’t check into work — not even once!

If that isn’t a great measure of success, we don’t know what is.


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