Service Level Agreement

The specific deliverables and expectations for each project or retainer are defined within our executed client proposals and approved SOWs. Please read them carefully as your use of WISE Digital Partner’s services indicates acceptance of all our terms and conditions, including our Agency Service Level Agreement (SLA). WISE Digital Partner’s Agency SLA is meant to define and provide clarity on our hours of availability, expected response times, billing rates, payment details and more.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior written notice at any time, at WISE’s sole discretion.

NOTE: In case of emergency, please contact [email protected]. Before submitting such a request, please review the “Emergency or Rush Requests” section of WISE’s SLA below.

Core Company Office Hours

Our general working hours are from 8 AM PST to 5 PM PST, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays (as per USA federal holidays) or official office closures.

Anticipated Response Times Within Core Hours

Standard [Non-Emergency]

For all Standard (non-emergency) issues, please email your agency Point of Contact (POC)/Account Specialist. Our goal is to respond to all standard customer requests within 8 business hours. For small tasks which are anticipated to take one billable hour or less, we will acknowledge these requests, but may not respond with a formal estimate unless you specify one is required.

All standard tasks will be placed into our working queue for completion. If additional information is required, your POC will respond with an outline of missing deliverables or information which will be required before providing an estimate or completing the task. To ensure timely execution of your work, please include as many pertinent details as possible in all requests.

For these requests, we endeavour to maintain a Standard (non-emergency) support development queue of 2 business days.

For tasks which are anticipated to take more than one hour but require less than 8 billable hours and/or requiring more than 1 discipline/department, we will respond with a formal estimate. This estimate will include the approximate number of hours required and a timeline for completion. If additional information is required, your account manager will respond with an outline of missing deliverables or information which will be required before providing an estimate or completing the task. To ensure timely execution of your work, please include as many pertinent details as possible in all requests.

For these requests, we endeavour to maintain a Standard (non-emergency) support development queue of 3-5 business days.

For larger project requests (estimated to require over 8 billable hours and/or requiring more than 1 discipline/department), clients will be contacted by your account manager within 1-2 business days to schedule a time to discuss the full scope of the project. This step allows us to gather all crucial information related to the project, enabling us to create the most accurate estimate possible for you.

We endeavour to maintain a Standard (non-emergency) support development queue of 7-10 business days.

Our response and development queue may change due to unforeseen circumstances. In order to best serve any request, please include a proposed timeline when submitting and we will do our best to accommodate.

Estimates are not a guarantee of final hours and are provided based on what we feel the work will entail based on past experiences. Should we encounter unforeseen variables while executing the work that will require additional time over the estimated hours, we will contact you for approval before we continue past the approved time allotted for the task. We will endeavour to contact you as soon as we recognize additional time will be required. Time spent on the task up to that point is still considered billable.

Please note, no non-emergency project or task can commence without official approval from a WISE employee.

Emergency or Rush Requests

Before initiating an emergency or rush request, please note the initiation of emergency or rush support is billed from the onset of the request - regardless of the cause.

Billing for emergency or rush requests begins with a minimum of one hour of billable time.

Emergency Requests are defined as any related issue that has an immediate negative financial impact to your business. The definition of "immediate negative financial impact" is up to you; you should not trigger an emergency request unless you deem it so and are willing to work under our billing terms.

Rush Requests are defined as issues your business wishes to have expedited through our queue but that do not have an immediate negative financial impact to your business. Rush requests are billed at our Rush Service Fee rate. Our partners may use their contracted monthly hours unless already exhausted, in which case you will be required to purchase additional hours for rush requests.

Billable time commences the moment the emergency or rush support request is responded to.To ensure we receive your emergency or rush request, please use the [email protected] email, <.>as well as emailing your agency POC. Any emergency or rush request submitted by other means will not be viewed as an emergency or rush by our team.

It is our intent to respond to all emergency or rush requests within 4 business hours.

Projects/Custom Features

When a large project is requested that exceeds a client’s monthly retainer hours, the project will be:

a) broken into multiple, smaller projects, that can be quoted and scheduled to individually fit within your monthly retainer hours.

- OR -

b) additional retainer hours will need to be purchased to accommodate this large project being scheduled and completed within the period. *Please note; breaking a large project into multiple, smaller projects can lead to inefficiencies and larger total costs.

What's in a WISE hour?

We charge the same hourly rate for all our services.

Our service is the output of time from our subject matter "experts," be them digital strategist, UI/UX design, paid search, organic and paid SEO, content production, copy writing, DevOps, development, account management, etc. - our service is any number of people's time and expertise in solving their problems and facilitation of achieving business goals.

Our billable hour is a flat rate and includes project management (both internal and client facing), research and testing, and some overhead for admin and meetings etc. We don't typically charge for any of these things as the hour we sell includes time allocation for it - but in some cases even our PM skills may be sold as an expert service.

Rates & Packages

$165.00 USD per hour – Standard Hourly Rate
$250.00 USD per hour – Emergency / Rush Rate

As a partner of WISE Digital, you are contracted to receive a set number of hours per month. If you are not currently on a retainer contract, we have various service packages and retainer options available offering discounted rates. Please contact an account manager for further information.


Payment may be made by ACH or credit card. Payment is due immediately upon receipt of an invoice. WISE does not offer any form of credit terms at this time.


The engagement of a WISE team member commences billable time, whether it be for a support, project, training or discovery requests. This includes all email, meeting, phone and support time for any staff, excluding sales staff.

Monthly Contract Partners

All retainer time, excluding rush work, is billed in 15-minute increments.

Customer Responsibilities

By entering into a working agreement with WISE, all customers agree to:

  • Ensuring their staff members have sufficient training to attain and maintain competence in the operation of the Products.
  • Providing clear information and instructions when requesting a quotation or estimate.
  • Providing the assets required to facilitate the completion of work logins, files, content, images prior to the commencement of work.
  • Providing approval/feedback regarding work within two business days.
  • Being aware of the perimeters, expectations, and associated fees of Rush service.

Approval Periods, Delays, and Additional Notes

Client will, within 3 business days after receiving each deliverable, notify WISE in writing of any failure to comply with the specification of the project request or of any other objections, corrections or changes required. WISE will, within 5 business days of receiving your notification, correct and submit a revised Deliverable to You. You will, within 3 business days of receiving a revised deliverable, either approve the corrected version or make further changes. If you fail to provide approval or comments during any approval period, those Deliverables will be considered approved and accepted.

Any delay caused by conditions beyond the reasonable control of the client will result in a day-for-day extension of any performance due. Each party will use reasonable efforts to notify the other party, in writing, of a delay. Conditions beyond the reasonable control of the parties include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, acts of government after the date of the agreement, power failure, fire, flood, acts of God, labor disputes, riots, acts of war, terrorism, and epidemics.

Delays caused by client input or approval will delay delivery timelines but will not delay billing dates. Clients will be billed as per the original agreement in these cases, even if additional modifications are required after this agreed upon date.

WISE operates in a development/staging server environment only. Our team does not perform changes for customers directly on their live sites. Charges apply for the initial creation of a development/staging server environment. Should you require our development team to complete changes to your live site instead, you agree to assume all risk and liability for such changes.

This SLA is meant to be a guide that provides clarity and streamlines the workflow between WISE and the client. If you are a client and have a question or concern that is not addressed in this document, please outline your question in an email addressed to [email protected].