Kirsten DiVito<

Kirsten DiVito

Director of Design

I lead the Design Department at WISE Digital. My expertise is in user experience, interaction and user interface design. I am committed to designing simple and intuitive experiences with a human-centered approach.

More Details

  • I have 5+ years of professional design experience
  • I’ve designed across dozens of industries
  • I’ve designed for local, national and international brands


I love the diversity in the expertise that we all bring to the table. Having the opportunity to collaborate with such talented people is incredibly rewarding and that extends to our client partnerships as well. We get to work with some truly amazing businesses and witness the positive impact our efforts have firsthand.

You Should Know...

  • I love traveling and exploring other cultures
  • Dog beach days are the best days
  • I’m a self-proclaimed mac + cheese master

From the CEO

Kirsten came to us as a designer in 2017, and we forced her to work on WordPress templates. It was like asking Picasso to work with crayons. Maybe he would have liked that, but I’m so thankful she didn’t leave. We don’t limit Kirsten’s thinking or creativity anymore, and her talents have soared. Our clients in every industry are winning because of it. Kirsten is patient, humble, a voracious learner, and a wonderful teacher. You learn “the why” when she talks to you. You learn how people make choices because of proper design aesthetics.
Patrick Dillon

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