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3 Easy Ways to Maximize Your WISE Blog Posts

If you're reading this, congratulations—your first blog post through WISE has recently been published! We're excited to help:

  • Boost your visibility
  • Establish your business as a trusted industry leader
  • Drive traffic through search engine optimization
  • Convert leads
  • Help grow your business

As your digital marketing partner, we're also here to help you work smarter, not harder. To that end, we've put together three simple, low-effort, high-reward ways you can maximize the posts we're creating for you. Let's dive right in!

1. Tease in an Email or Newsletter

Have an email list? Promote your new blog post to your subscribers, but only tease the article by including a short, juicy snippet. Not only does that pique interest more than including the entire post in the body of an email, but it also encourages recipients to interact with your brand more. How? By getting them onto your website, where they can browse other pages and potentially contact you.

You may have noticed that there are social icons and a link button near the top of your blog post.

We've made it easy for readers to share your post across their social channels or send a link directly to a business acquaintance, coworker, or friend. You'll miss opportunities like these if you include the entire blog post in your email.

You can apply the same concept to a newsletter. Include a section with a short blurb, inviting readers to check out the full article on your website.

2. Share on Social

Even without a rigorous social media strategy plan, posting on the platforms where you have active profiles is a good idea. An online presence with recent posts shows your business is up and running and engaged with the community.

Get the most out of your WISE posts by repurposing them for social media. You can create snippets or share a single line, inviting your followers to check out the full article on your website. To maximize this social fuel, use each social post as an opportunity to highlight a different aspect or angle of the blog article and add any relevant or applicable hashtags to gain even more traction.

Many clients are able to create four or five social posts out of a single article!

3. Promote Internally

An often overlooked way of expanding your blog's reach is to share with your internal team. Announce that the post is live on a company-wide email, or if you're on a communication platform like Slack, send out a quick message with a link to the article.

Announcing when new posts are published is a great way to keep employees engaged. It also gives insights into your company's ongoing marketing strategy. There may even come a time when one of your WISE blog posts becomes a valuable sales tool or helpful resource for team members.

WISE Will Handle the Rest!

As a component of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy, your blog posts play an essential role in your SEO results, help establish your business as a trusted industry leader, and boost your brand's visibility. Aligned with your overall objectives, this type of ongoing content is an important aspect of achieving your growth goals.

Make the most of this partnership by repurposing your first blog post and each one that follows. We look forward to diving into monthly management with you and showcasing not only the results of these blogging efforts but also the outcomes of the entire digital strategy we've implemented!