Shannon Cheesman<

Shannon Cheesman

Senior Copywriter

For every business out there, big or small, there's tremendous value in providing relevant information that helps customers make smart decisions. That's where I come in.

I'm a veteran writer with a background in both marketing and journalism. My early career in television news shaped my passion for writing and storytelling. Today, I love channeling that passion into marketing. I create compelling content that helps drive growth for businesses, connects them with customers, and educates their audiences.

More Details

  • 25+ years of professional writing experience
  • Skilled in multiple writing disciplines, including journalism, business writing, and content marketing
  • Successful managing editor and content producer for large projects such as elections, Comic-Con, and extended breaking news


WISE is an exceptional team of genuine, supportive professionals who pour their hearts into everything they do. I am proud to be part of a group of individuals who excel at their craft and help the businesses we work with thrive.

You Should Know...

  • I can’t get enough 80s music and movies. I’m patiently wishing for 80s fashion一leg warmers, acid wash jeans, shoulder pads, and all一to make a resurgence.
  • On a related note, I would LOVE to own a DeLorean.
  • I’m terrified of heights but have conquered my fear by bungee jumping twice.

From the CEO

Shannon has been such a wonderful addition to our team. We were excited to find someone to run the copy department for a long time, and spent several months looking to fill this position with the best candidate. Shannon was hands down the most talented, most qualified, and most experienced person we came across. Her breadth of experience, and love for copywriting has created so much value for our company, and our clients. Shannon is a remarkable person, and we’re so lucky to have her wisdom on the team.
Patrick Dillon

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