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Low Ad Conversions? Leverage the Power of the Landing Page

by Daniel Fitzgeraldcirle-animation

by Daniel Fitzgerald / Director of Paid Media

May 19, 2024

  • 4 min read

What’s the holy grail of digital marketing, the one thing all companies seek to obtain? High conversion rates. Traditionally, ads help boost those conversions as they get your business front of center and top of mind. So what do you do when you’re throwing everything into your ad campaigns and still, despite your best efforts, conversions are falling short?

Leverage the power of the landing page, the unsung hero of conversion optimization! Here, we’ll review just five of the many benefits of landing pages when you see low ad conversions, when landing pages are must-haves, and end with a few WISE examples.

5 Benefits of Landing Pages

1. Tailored Messaging

Imagine you’re scrolling the web when you come across an ad promising a solution to your problems. Full of hope, you click on it. Then, you find yourself on a generic page that not only falls short of your expectations but also has nothing to do with what was mentioned in the ad in the first place.

These types of frustrating experiences can be completely avoided by implementing designated landing pages. By having a landing page that corresponds to an ad, you:

  • Better align content with ad expectations
  • Create a seamless user experience
  • Can tailor messaging that speaks directly to your ideal audience

All of these work together to increase the likelihood of conversions.

2. No Distractions

In many cases, simplicity equals success. Too many competing calls to action can actually lead to inaction, as users become overwhelmed. A well-designed landing page counteracts this by focusing on a single message and main call to action.

By eliminating unnecessary distractions and making it very clear what you’d like the user to do, it becomes easier to guide them through your conversion funnel.

3. Hyper-Specific

Relevance reigns supreme; in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, that’s one thing that will always remain the same.

Because landing pages can be optimized for specific keywords and audiences, they immediately become more relevant to user search queries. This enhanced relevance has the added benefit of improving ad quality score, which can boost ad rank, reduce cost-per-click, and amplify ad visibility.

When creating any content, not just for landing pages, using Google’s E-E-A-T guiding principles is a great place to start.

4. Better Data Collection

When it comes to growing your business, gut feelings just won’t cut it. Being strategic and data-driven is the key to success, and there’s nothing like relevant, up-to-date stats that help you make informed decisions.

Landing pages are data gold mines, helping you gather valuable insights through submission forms and engagement metrics. This information helps you better understand campaign effectiveness, personalize future marketing endeavors, and follow up with leads.

5. A/B Testing

Going along with the idea of data collection is the ability to conduct A/B tests seamlessly. Static landing pages are the perfect controlled environment, allowing you to test and optimize elements like:

  • Calls to action
  • Headlines
  • Images
  • Form fields

By experimenting with different variations, you can identify what resonates the most with your audience. From there, it’s simply a matter of fine-tuning your approach to drive higher conversion rates.

Shift Your Focus

Many businesses put too much focus on search engine rankings. While important, rankings are not the be-all and end-all. Shift your focus to your ideal customer persona and speak directly to them. When you create a landing page that speaks to those clicking on your ads, you create relevant, specific information that aligns with user intent and queries. Such a focus will naturally help boost your rankings!

Speak directly to your audience with informative content, and improved rankings aren’t the only results you’ll see—conversions will start improving as well.

When Is a Landing Page a Great Idea?

There’s never really a bad time for a landing page, but there are certain cases where a landing page is a must-have, including the following:

Introducing a New Product or Service

A landing page will maximize your campaign, ensuring messaging stays laser-focused.

Promoting Limited-Time Offers

Urgency sells, and a landing page can effectively convey that sense of urgency.

Running Paid Ads

Landing pages optimize ad spend by increasing relevance; ad content aligns with landing page messaging.

Generating & Nurturing Leads

A landing page with lead capture forms can help expand your email list or generate leads.

There are so many different types of landing pages, like splash, squeeze, and sales, meaning no matter your ad, there’s a corresponding landing page type that will best complement it. Schedule a free consultation to learn more!

Landing Pages In Action

We can tell you how landing pages are strategic conversion catalysts, or we can show you.

Eagle Home Financial

In just one month and on a limited budget, the landing page we created for this mortgage/refinance client:

  • Secured over 40 leads
  • Drove more than 80% of all website traffic

Farm Fresh Meals

This meal prep client opened a new commercial kitchen and wanted to rent it out. We helped them do that solely by using the landing page we created for them. It had:

  • An impressive CTR of 16.5% (the current average CTR is 4-6%)
  • Over 1,500 page visits
  • A low cost-per-click (CPC) average; just $2.50 (the current average consumer services CPC is $6.40)

Boost More Than Conversions—Grow With WISE

Team up with WISE Digital Partners to turbocharge your conversions with help from landing pages and get a strategically crafted, data-driven marketing plan that aligns with your long-term objectives. Request a proposal today!


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