Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which Is Better?

by WISE Digital Partners / Paid Search Ads, Paid Social Ads

June 28, 2021


For many businesses, choosing where to put their advertising dollars can be a tough decision. When it comes to digital marketing, two big dogs that stand out are Google and Facebook. 

Advertising with Google can help customers find your business online when searching for information. And advertising with Facebook can reach people in their social media feed.

Marketers continue to see high conversion rates with Google Ads and have noted the waning performance of Facebook ads in recent years. Still, there are benefits to advertising on Facebook, especially when you pull Instagram into the fold. 

So which is better: Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Should you hit up one or both? Here, we take a quick look at what both platforms have to offer.

Are Google Ads Better?

Digital marketing experts agree that Google’s pay-per-click ads should be your go-to option for driving traffic to your website. 

When most people look for solutions to problems online, they use Google’s search engine. Appearing alongside the results of 3.5 billion searches generates a lot of attention for your business. There’s also the opportunity to oust your competitor in search results. And paid Google search complements the organic traffic generated by the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies of your online marketing plan.

Also, with Google Ads, it’s hard to beat its ROI of $8 for every dollar spent. In addition to traditional advertising that drives traffic to your website, Google Ads also can help you build traction as a new business and call out sales or special promotions.

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Are Facebook Ads Better?

Facebook is the largest social media platform. However, it’s known for its limited opportunities for business pages to make a natural connection with actual or potential customers. Facebook algorithmic updates over the years have made it nearly impossible for a business’s fans to see its posts. In fact, less than 1% of organic posting by businesses ever makes it to the news feed. As a result, companies typically have to pay for advertising to reach their audience and boost exposure.

Facebook advertising has one significant benefit – it offers more fine-tuned targeting than other social media platforms. However, Facebook’s ads are so well-targeted that in the past, they’ve created privacy concerns. Some demographic information has been removed as a result.

Still, Facebook’s audience targeting options can help a business reach precisely the type of people who may be most interested in their product or service. In addition, Facebook’s tie-in to Instagram also gives businesses the choice of running an ad across both platforms.

Other advantages of advertising on Facebook include:

  • You can build an online community around your business
  • It’s a simple way to advertise specific content on your website
  • You can advertise on a micro-budget
  • You can build an online store and tie it into both Facebook and Instagram

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Make Your Advertising Dollars Pay Off

While advertising with Google and Facebook are effective ways to boost virtual and foot traffic to your business, improper management can reduce your ROI. It is also imperative to have your website built to work well with both platforms.

At WISE Digital Partners, our paid advertising experts know how to leverage the power of both platforms. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get profitable results from your campaigns.

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