Tarik Hagen<

Tarik Hagen

Jr. Account Executive

I reach out to businesses both locally and across the nation to discuss their digital marketing goals and plans for the future. Everyone I speak with is a potential partner for WISE Digital. I love sharing what we do, illustrating how our work gets results, and helping bring new clients on board.

More Details

  • I have worked as a salesperson for two previous companies ranging from selling hops to printers.
  • I earned a 4.0 GPA while getting a Master’s degree in Information Technology and Administrative Management which has helped me understand how sales and technology coincide.
  • I also have experience in being a professor teaching an IT 101 class


WISE is great because the team atmosphere is the best I have been a part of. Even with a remote working environment there is a real sense of community and camaraderie. Everyone in WISE is working hard to make sure we make our clients as successful as possible.

You Should Know...

  • I was almost casted in a movie to play Brad Pitt’s son
  • I have a gold medal from the Special Olympics where I helped coach a basketball team
  • I was a Wide Receiver and Safety for my college football team

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