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“Facebook is simply too big to ignore as an ongoing part of your digital marketing.

Dan Noyes

A WISE Social Media Advertising Agency

Ready to get WISE about social media engagement? Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made certain that if you’re not paying for ads, you’re not getting their traffic and eyeballs. Stop wasting your time and start getting more customers from some of the best platforms in the world for targeting. Our social media ad agency will show you how.

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Our Social Media Ad Services

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  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat


Your future customers are on Facebook — to ignore them is to surrender business to your competitors. From targeting to ad spend, we’ll drive quality leads and customers your way.


More and more businesses are understanding how effective Instagram advertising can be. We’ll help you stand out from competitors with on-point visuals, messaging, and careful strategy.


LinkedIn ads are a great way to secure B2B leads and increase your visibility in relevant markets. We’ll help you navigate the pitfalls and opportunities on this highly popular platform.


Snapchat ads aren’t for every business. But for the right brand, they can drive more leads and visibility than you realize. Lean on our expertise to guide you through all ad types and decisions.

Benefits of Our Social Media Ad Services

Many factors make ads successful. You could spend precious time and energy figuring it out—or leave it to the experts.

Popular Platforms

We run optimized ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat — whatever will best serve your business now.

Budget Analysis

What will it take to make your ads truly profitable? How can we maximize your current ad spend? Leave it to the experts.

Target Acquired

We target customers based on location, demographic, interest, and behavior - and we’re remarketing and email database wizards.

Ad Asset Creation

Social ads are only as good as the images and videos you have to work with. We’ll ensure your brand catches the eye.

Save Time & Money

Our specialists know what it takes to run successful ad campaigns. Leave it to them so you can focus on what you do best.

Track Success

Our real-time reporting solutions give you a clear, accurate picture of how your social media ad campaigns are doing.

Hear From Our Partners

"They are the best.”

I have worked with many marketing experts, and you will not find anyone nearly as talented and great to work with as Patrick & his team. Put simply - they are the best. No one has even come close.

Schuyler V.V. Hoffman
Partner | Hoffman & Forde

“Highly Recommended!”

The results I've received from Wise Digital have been fantastic. From the build out of our website, to the SEO management and monitoring, everything has been smooth and easy. Thank you for your continued service and results. Highly recommended!

Luis Gonzalez
Partner | Janitorial Building Service

"Profitable Results.”

We started out with just needing SEO and help running ads and after seeing how profitable it was, we decided to take on more of their services. If you're looking for an agency who is knowledgeable, professional, and responsive, Wise Digital Partners is a great choice!

Steve Heroux
Founder | Victory Selling

"Best SEO & Marketing.”

They have the best SEO and marketing that is just top notch. WISE just recently launched my website and campaigns with pay per click and we are completely satisfied. I can honestly recommend his company to any type of business.

Dave Colbert
Owner | DC Plumbing & HVAC

"Helps me sleep at night”

I have found WISE Digital to be a solution that helps me sleep best at night. From the creation of my new site to the compliance that come with online media, if I could give advice to myself when my business was created, I would’ve started with the WISE Digital Team.

Craig Martin
Owner | UW Funding
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