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Customer reviews can make or break your business because consumers are influenced by both positive and negative reviews. Having a plan for reviews is essential, and it takes active management to control their impact. Increase your business’ visibility, stay connected with your customers, address their concerns, and make sure your business is viewed positively. At WISE, not only are we strategic about review management, we also built a proprietary platform to make the process work even better.

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How Our Platform Helps You


First-Party Platform

Our platform is built directly into your website, allowing a self-serve solution for users to leave their feedback directly on your site.


Own Your Data

Review websites like Yelp create new rules often. WISE Digital’s review platform includes collection & safe storage of all your historical reviews.


Review Display

The platform regularly adds up-to-date reviews to your website from all listings across the web & displays the source.


Review Gating

Customize the feedback path for users depending on review strength. Encourage only the best reviews to be left on major review sites.


Custom Feedback Questions

For users with an issue, we develop custom questions to get to the core issues. This feedback is kept internal and sent to management.


Automated Review Building

Build out automation with custom review request email series to encourage your best clients and customers to come leave their feedback.

How it Works

Review Management Process

We built a solution to solve every businesses’ challenge. This involves a proprietary process and technology to give your business an edge over it’s competition. Here’s how it works:

Review Audit & Collection
Growth & Response Strategy
Review Display Platform Build
Custom Feedback Development
Publisher Platform Integration
Clear & Measurable Results

A WISE Solution to Review Management

Manage your online reputation better with our tools, expert developers, and marketing specialists.

Higher Trust

A strong online reputation is critical to gaining new business and improves the results of advertising.

Reputation & Analysis

We take a look at where your business is at and identify opportunities for growth across all review sites.

Improved Engagement

Our platform allows you to better address legitimate concerns and weed out fake ones.

Increased Visibility

With increased engagement comes increased search visibility and better local rankings.

Strategic Approach

Strategy drives all of our decisions including our approach to reviews management.

Better Business Positioning

Get the right platform, support, and expertise to position your business as more trustworthy.

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