Matthew Magistrado<

Matthew Magistrado

Senior Paid Marketing Manager

At WISE Digital, I am in charge of Listings Management and Paid Advertising. My expertise lies within Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

More Details

  • Oversaw digital and traditional marketing as the marketing director of several companies
  • Work experience in the following industries: healthcare, real estate, mortgage, building supplies, biotech, technology, legal, and fitness
  • Management of 6 figure monthly budgets for Google Ads


At WISE, I work with great people who I get along with well, I have leaders who listen and who are actively making the company better, and I have work that is both fulfilling and exciting.

You Should Know...

  • I’m a plant daddy, and live in an urban jungle
  • I’m an aquascaper, and have designed several dozens of fish tanks
  • I’m very passionate about cooking and baking and am always trying to recreate the delicious foods I try

From the CEO

Matthew is that guy you can’t help but just walk up and want to give a big hug to. He’s been a part of my team since late 2017 and basically made me smile on day one, and the smile never left. He’s friendly, truly caring, committed to our clients’ success, and a great teacher. He’s a very gifted advertising manager as a result of his vast and varied experience, but also because he’s really damn smart.
Patrick Dillon