Lexi Oplinger<

Lexi Oplinger

Digital Marketing Coordinator

As a Digital Marketing Coordinator, I am responsible for managing online listings and reviews. In addition, I assist our project managers as they move clients through our website build process.

More Details

  • In my prior experience, I have helped several companies in their early stages organize and create all their operational procedures and processes
  • I have a variety of industry experience working with service-based companies, food product companies, private equity companies, the education sector, and the sustainability sector
  • I’m skilled at fostering strong communication internally and with clients in order to move projects forward with efficiency


The tight-knit and talented team at WISE allows us to use our strengths to deliver the best service and products to our clients. I am grateful to be able to work with this diverse team because we are all able to learn from our respected disciplines. I am excited to see our team grow, and to see the incredible work we will create together.

You Should Know...

  • I have only been a runner for 6 months, and I am currently training to run a marathon
  • I enjoy writing and sending handwritten cards in the mail
  • One of my favorite things is drinking coffee with friends.