Kat Perkins<

Kat Perkins

Jr. SEO Specialist

As a JR. SEO Specialist, my role is to research, analyze and identify different SEO opportunities to help improve overall site performance, increase rankings and drive traffic to clients’ websites.

More Details

  • I have a passion for working with local businesses and helping them grow and increase their visibility online
  • Conducting SEO audits for our clients is one of my favorite tasks to do because it really allows me to pay attention to every detail and focus on areas that can be improved
  • I find it really fun to be able to work with clients from different industries because I am able to learn something new from it every day


What I love most about WISE is the teamwork and professionalism in every project we work on. Working at WISE also allows me to see the possibility of having a balance between working hard, having fun, and delivering results. Overall, I just really like the positive work environment and how everyone is authentic and very supportive of each other.

You Should Know...

  • I have only dated one person in my whole life, and we are still happily married lol
  • In the past, I actually got my holistic health coach certification and was able to use it to learn how to cook healthy food for myself and my family
  • I once auditioned for a casting call where all I had to say was, “I like donuts!”

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