Jackie Smartt<

Jackie Smartt

Digital Strategist

I am responsible for owning our client relationships, following through on client requests, and reporting back outcomes. As the main agency point of contact, I meet with internal teams, organize meetings, and educate our clients on the work we do and the results we bring.

More Details

  • I enjoy building strong client relationships to help maintain clients' success and happiness
  • I have 4+ years of experience in a client-facing role at various companies
  • I help clients grow their business by offering helpful ideas and strategies


I love working with a team of experts that all share a common goal: helping businesses grow. WISE has an amazing team of supportive professionals who help not only our clients but help and motivate one another to grow and succeed in their roles.

You Should Know...

  • I feel most happy when watching the sunset on the beach in La Jolla
  • I enjoy going on new adventures and traveling to new places
  • I have a passion for helping others and advocating for more mental health awareness

From the CEO

Jackie is a remarkable person. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for nearly a decade. She’s smartt (see how I did that), knowledgeable on the many disciplines WISE offers, and she grew up around business owners. This makes her very valuable to the Digital Strategy team. Fun side note: I was the officiant at Jackie’s wedding in 2021.
Patrick Dillon

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