Flan the Yorkie<

Flan the Yorkie

Director of Culture

My role is to provide a warm and friendly environment that fosters care and collaboration amongst the other team members, our partners and clients.

Also, I am cute. I am special. I am kind.

More Details

  • In charge of welcoming all guests, and crying when anyone leaves
  • I’m a model on at least two of the websites our team has built
  • I can tell when someone is sad, and can help cheer them up


I love WISE because of the people. Everyone is so nice to me, and they all give me attention and treats.

You Should Know...

  • I do a handstand on my front two legs when I pee.
  • My favorite snack is chicken. My second favorite is cheese.
  • I get scared of bath time and hide under the bed.
  • I stress eat when people leave the house or office.

From the CEO

I’m Flan’s dad through marriage. Flan has made my life better. I love her.
Patrick Dillon

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