Evan Larkin<

Evan Larkin

VP of Sales & Strategy

As the head of sales, my primary goal is to grow our business. I train and lead our account executives and help cultivate strategic partnerships across various industries. I'm always looking for products and services that will help grow WISE Digital and our clients' businesses. At the end of the day, I am really just looking for people and companies where I can create a win, win, win relationship—a win for us, a win for them, and a win for both of our future customers.

More Details

  • I'm not only the WISE Digital VP; I'm also a client. As a Partner of Farm Fresh Meals, I brought WISE Digital in to completely overhaul our website, SEO and paid advertising while I helped build the rest of the meal prep business. Farm Fresh remains one of WISE Digital's best clients today.
  • Successfully developed, deployed, and managed a new digital advertising program for NBC Universal in San Diego, gaining a deep understanding of traditional advertising while driving thousands of customers to hundreds of local businesses.
  • Board Member and VP of Marketing for LexVid, a Legal Education company I helped build from the ground up. I have been responsible for creating and managing all marketing, websites, Paid Search, SEO, UI/UX, pricing, strategy, and more.

Working with Evan

I love learning about how your business works, where you see it headed, and how your current website and online efforts are helping you achieve your goals. From there, I dig deeper and use my background and resources to break down why you are seeing the results you are, and specifically how they can be improved. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to digital marketing, and part of my job is to make sure WISE Digital and your business are a good fit and that we can provide you with continued growth and success as a partner.


When Patrick showed me what he was doing with WISE Digital, I saw years of experience and talent coming together to build a marketing agency based on results and value. And it was being built with an amazing team of professionals, a fun and creative culture, high quality of work, and cutting-edge technology.

You Should Know...

  • Started my first hustle in high school, buying pizza in bulk from the cafeteria and reselling individual slices for a profit at lunch.
  • While at college (ASU), I was the #2 Branch Manager in Arizona for College Works Painting, a direct-to-consumer residential painting company that operates in 35 states.
  • From the desert, moved to the ocean, love the mountains.

From the CEO

Evan and I have worked together through four of my companies. In my first software company, he played a key role in developing a major program for NBC Universal that was eventually adopted nationwide. After that business was acquired, he then became the most successful Digital Director we had in a digital agency we franchised nationwide. For a short time, he helped in that company’s merger with another agency. Now at WISE Digital, we’re excited to have Evan step in and fill the role of head of sales and strategy. There is no one I’ve trusted more to be honest and straightforward with clients in a sales capacity. To me, the most important value and guiding principle in our business is transparency, and Evan Larkin exudes that in every way.
Patrick Dillon
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