6 Ways the Elementor WordPress Plugin Can Hurt Your Business

by WISE Digital Partners / Websites

June 01, 2023


Imagine being able to create custom web pages without having any coding knowledge. That’s possible thanks to a WordPress plugin called Elementor. Amazing, right? Not so fast. 

Despite being a widely-hyped tool, the Elementor WordPress plugin is not without limitations. And these limitations may inadvertently harm your business. Here’s how. 

Slow Website Performance

One of the most common problems with the Elementor WordPress plugin is that it can slow down website performance. This is because Elementor adds excessive code to your website, which causes lags with page loading times. 

Compatibility issues with themes and plugins

Compatibility is another issue — some WordPress themes and plugins may not work correctly when paired with Elementor, causing significant problems.

Limited customization options for mobile devices

Elementor’s mobile responsiveness also limits customization options. For example, while you can adjust the layout and design of your website for mobile devices, you cannot hide specific elements on mobile devices. Moreover, some widgets may not display correctly on smaller screens, leading to a poor experience for mobile-device users. 


The Elementor WordPress plugin is a feature-rich page builder with many widgets and elements. However, this abundance of features can lead to a downside: bloated code that takes up a lot of space and potentially slows down your website’s performance.

Limited access to website data

Another Elementor issue is that it can limit your access to website data. When you use Elementor to build your website, some data may not be accessible through the WordPress dashboard.

This can make it challenging to manage your website, especially if you want to switch to a different page builder in the future.

Lack of control over SEO elements

Another downside is that Elementor has limited control over SEO elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, and schema markup. This can make it difficult to optimize your website for search engines.

While you can use plugins like Yoast SEO or RankMath to optimize your website, it’s important to remember that Elementor’s limitations may impact your SEO efforts.

Turn to NEST™ Instead

While Elementor may be an intuitive tool, there’s a much better alternative, NEST. It’s an all-in-one website platform we developed specifically to help businesses grow, and it’s changing the game for clients who partner with WISE Digital. It offers:

  • Lightning-fast speed
  • High security
  • Superior performance on mobile devices
  • Lead tracking & listings
  • ADA compliance
  • And so much more

When we first began developing NEST, our vision was to create a solution that surpassed the performance and flexibility of platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix while at the same time delivering superior marketing results. 

And we succeeded — we’ve seen our clients’ revenue soar once we launched a new website for them on NEST. It’s a superior platform with faster web page speeds, enhanced security, and remarkable scalability.

Plus, when you have a website built on NEST, you’re also supported by WISE Digital’s team of digital marketing professionals with expertise in strategy, SEO, copy, website design, graphic design, website development, paid advertising, analytics, and more. 

Curious to see what NEST and our team can do for you? Schedule a brief call to tell us about your business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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