Website Blogs: How Important Are They for a Business Owner?

by Shannon Cheesman / Digital Strategy

November 15, 2022


As a business owner, do you really need a website blog? The answer is (typically) a resounding YES. No matter what type of products you sell or the services you provide, every business can benefit from publishing regular blog content. 

Blogging can drive traffic to your website, convert that traffic into leads, provide valuable links and backlinks to help you get found in online searches, and so much more. Let’s look at the top reasons why this is a wise digital strategy using the easy-to-remember acronym: BLOG.

Carlo Victa, Director of Operations

B = Brand

Blogs help promote and reinforce your brand, not just on your website—they can integrate with your social media, email, and other marketing efforts. 

When you blog, you get your brand out into the world and build trust between your business, your customers, and the audience you’re trying to reach.

L = Learning

Blogging is an opportunity to educate both your existing and prospective customers. It turns your website into an informative resource and addresses some of your customers’ common questions.

Publishing blog content also positions you, and your business, as leaders in your industry. You have the information people are searching for, plus your customers know they can turn to you to get the information they’re seeking—and that it’s coming from a trusted source.

O = Optimization

There are many SEO benefits to having regular content go live on your website. First, search engines like Google will see that your website is credible and trustworthy, improving your rankings and sending more visitors. You’ll also rank higher because search engines value fresh content. Plus, you’ll get high-quality traffic that can convert to customers because they’re searching for (and are highly interested in) the information in your articles.

Having a blog gives your business more content to optimize for that all-important SEO that helps drive people to your website. At WISE Digital, sometimes, we have business owners come to us and ask us to optimize their websites, but they have very little content. So we’ll ask the business owner to provide us with more content or suggest a collaboration where we write great content on their behalf and then optimize it from there.

G = Gaining Trust

You gain so much goodwill when you have a blog on your website. You position yourself as an expert in your industry and develop a rapport with your customers and those you hope will be your customers. 

It’s also an opportunity to set yourself apart from competitors that might not provide the information people want. You can step in with great blog content and turn the attention your way.

Final Thoughts

When you have solid writers that can represent your product and services accurately and address questions—and talk about hot topics in an engaging way that matches your tone—it has the potential to grow your business. Additionally, the content from your website blog can be used for your other marketing efforts, such as social media and newsletters, plus people will find you on Google. 

The bottom line—create great content, and people will come running.

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Written By

Shannon Cheesman

Shannon is the Senior Copywriter at WISE Digital Partners, a digital marketing agency based in San Diego, CA.

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